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Share the Love // August 2016

It's time to share my favourite saves from my Bloglovin' feed from the last month: 

  • I really love this post from Robyn - it's an outfit post (and I love the simplicity of the outfit too!) but it's all of the points she shares about why she loves living in the countryside that I can really relate too - I love living in the countryside too!
  • I'm a serial over-thinker so I'm definitely going to try to implement these tips from Rebecca about things to tell yourself when you're over thinking 
  • PLL is one of my fave shows to watch - this is pretty much my thought process throughout each episode!
  • Hannah's garden party is all of the pinterest/instagram goals - bookmarking for next summer, or maybe a winter-y pre-Christmas garden party could be a thing?!
  • Fearing failure is something I really struggle with so Kayla's post really resonated with me - it's so comforting to read other people's stories about their daily struggles with their anxiety - it helps to make the glossier side of blogging a bit more realistic 
  • This combination of Hannah's and Lily's list posts are basically summing up my early-twenties so far - I was giggling as I read them because at every point I was thinking "yep, that's me!"
  • I *love* how Sarah has decorated her home for autumn (or should I say fall?!) - whilst I'm still clinging onto the last rays of summer I admit it has got me starting to feel a little more welcoming to autumn!
  • Carly's post on personal days is one I'll be bookmarking for when I'm having a bit of a feeling sucky day - along with Emma's ideas for blog posts for those down days
  • I'm such a homebody - Katy Belle summed up all of my feelings about why this it's okay to be happy as such in this post 
  • The photography in Aftab's post about visiting Duck & Waffle for breakfast has cemented it on my to-do list for next time I'm in London - how gorgeous is the sunrise over the city?!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Links in the comments please!


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  1. Thank you for including me in your list! I'm so glad to hear that you love how it turned out and has you looking forward to the next season!

    I'm such a homebody too - thank you for sharing such a nice post about it!


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