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If I Had a Bar Cart

if i had a bar cart

I *love* a good bar cart - I spend far too much time than I care to admit to just browsing through all of the bar cart decor and styling ideas on pinterest - I'm obsessed!

I definitely think it's high time that I started to sort out my own bar cart - there's an alcove in our lounge that's just begging for a bar cart to be put there! Hence, I've been adding stuff to my bar cart wishlist for a little while now and I *think* I've finally decided on my 'theme' - lots of white and silver, a few pops of colour from some fun drinks napkins and flowers (fake obvs, because I can't keep anything alive for more than a couple of days!) and some novelty items of course - my mason jar shot glasses will be pride of place, and I think that as a scientist this flask cocktail shaker is a necessity!