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Currently // 17-8

How is it time for the last 'currently' post of the summer already?! Here we go...

Eating // Cadbury's Dairy Milk fruit and nut - but it has to be ice cold, straight from the fridge...yummm!

Drinking // sparkling peach water - I'm obsessed with how refreshing it it!

Watching // season six of Gossip Girl - how late to the bandwagon am I?! I've been meaning to get around to watching it for literally years but always found something else to watch instead! I've missed the GG craziness I must admit - it's a nice bit of easy-watching for the evenings.

Listening // it's still country music on repeat in my car- I bloody love country music in the summertime!

Reading // Giovanna's latest release Always With Love - I just adore all of her character pairings, but Billy & Sophie are my absolute favourite! I feel like I can relate so much to Sophie, so where's my film star fancy man then?!

Planning // how to start my specialist portfolio for work - it's been two years since I actually did a piece of proper written work so I'm kinda nervous to get back into the swing of things!

Obsessing // over the weather - still. I can't help it! I've been making the most of the glorious summer and spending all the time I can outside - it's almost like being on holiday when I'm sat reading in my garden in the sunshine!

Smelling // my room has pretty much been smelling consistently like a deliciously hot man has just sprayed his aftershave and left for work - sadly this is not the case - it's courtesy of the Yankee Candle

Wearing // my Longchamp Le Pliage backpack literally every day since my birthday - I adore it!

Wanting // these Nike trainers - I just love them! They look so comfy for when I'm on nights! I think my Primarni trainers might need an upgrade next pay day...

Feeling // so much happier than this time last month and a lot more content with things. And - side note - I'm so proud of how Great Britain is doing in the Olympics, as of writing this we are 2nd in the medals table, how crazy is that compared to how big some of the other countries are?! There were so many great events I loved watching: the Men's floor/pommel horse (Max Whitlock is so incredibly talented!), the Men's synchro 10m diving (because who doesn't love Tom Daley?!), the gold medal tennis match - good grief Andy Murray had me on the edge of my seat with how intense that match was!, the incredible dressage test from Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro - what a pair!