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23 // Birthday Week Recap

So last week I had the week off work because it was my birthday on the Saturday - the big 2.3! I decided earlier on in the year that if I was going to book a week off to have at home for my birthday I didn't want to waste it by sitting at home on my laptop all day everyday so we decided to plan an activity for pretty much every day whilst I was off! It was a crazy amazing week so I had to document it in a blog post for posterity!


We went to the the beach at New Brighton (it's one of our fave places to go for a day trip because we can take Little Prin too!) and then called at Parkgate for arguably the best ice cream ever!


Nam & I went to a super cute farmers market to pick out some produce for our picnic later on in the week! It was a lovely experience hand-picking the bits and pieces we wanted, the fruit and veggies were so tasty and as a bonus it was so inexpensive!


We had a bit of a chilled day at home but I took Little Prin for a long walk around the lakes to make the most of the sunshine - it was so relaxing and Little Prin had so much fun!


One of our 'big' trips this week was our trip to the zoo! I haven't been to the zoo for years but it was so nice to go back and see such incredible animals up close! Plus we had a picnic (because Nam's picnics are legendary!) but Nam decided to go all out and brought a flower arrangement, a tablecloth and even a candelabra with her to put on the table! It was hilarious!


No photos from todays activity but we went to our local theatre to see a 70s ABBA/Grease show - it was really fun and we love going to the theatre as a family!


It was my birthday day! I started off the day by opening my presents/cards from my friends and family - even Little Prin got me a card! Mum and I then went out for breakfast because I honestly love going out for breakfast, it feels so fancy! In the evening we went out for dinner at a local pub/restaurant - it was so delicious! Plus Nam had arranged for there to be a stunning flower arrangement on the table and even a little posy for me!


I had such an incredible birthday week - I'm so glad that I decidedly to randomly book the week off work! I'm so grateful for my Mum, Nam & G for putting up with my crazy ideas and for spending the whole week doing fun activities with me!