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20 problems you can relate to if you have curly hair

I'm a paid up member of the curl haired club - and don't get me wrong I love my curls! I feel my most 'me' with them, I kinda like that they're my defining feature - I'm 'the girl over there with the curls' when I'm in a crowded room. I love how I don't have to panic-reach for an umbrella if it's raining (rain makes my curls look better if anything!), how I can manage to somehow by some miracle to pin my hair up with just one bobby pin (it's quite crazy!), how I never have to worry about wanting volume (!!).

But there are some legit curly hair problems that come with having my crazy headstrong curls/ringlets/dreadlocks (on a bad day it's a combination of all three!)...

  1. putting off going to the hairdressers because you can guarantee that no matter how many times you tell them that you have curly hair they will cut it too short and you're convinced that you'll end up looking like Annie
  2. when people go to touch your hair and you want to cringe away because you just know the frizziness it's going to cause
  3. sometimes your hair just decides that it'd be a good day to spontaneously develop knots or dreadlocks - thanks boo
  4. shrinkage - no one will believe you that your hair is actually a good 5 inches longer that it looks when it's curly
  5. having an affinity with Merida because you're finally being represented in Disney Princess form
  6. when putting your hair in plaits actually makes it more straight than when you started
  7. being left with an ultimatum every time you shower - to scrunch or to twirl
  8. being able to guess the % humidity before you've even go outside based on how much shrinkage is going on in your hair when you wake up
  9. when you hair-care routine is multi-stepped: clarifying shampoo, de-frizzing shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair oil, mousse
  10. gasping in horror at someone suggesting that you brush your hair - do they want you to look like Hermione circa The Philosopher's Stone?!
  11. not being able to fit all of your hair in a selfie unless a selfie stick is used
  12. people playing with the spring-y-ness of your ringlets - yes they spring back when you stretch them out, no this doesn't wear out
  13. having to apologise to anyone you hug/kiss for the fact that your hair got in their face
  14. your hair always being described as 'frizzy' - no it's curly mate (I've used approximately 3 bottles of conditioner to make it not frizzy so I know for a fact it's not frizzy *cue hysterics*)
  15. never being able to grow your hair out, because no matter what length it is, it will always spring back up
  16. if there's a hair care product that says it's for de-frizzing or for taming curls or for calming crazy hair you will buy it - even though you have a draw overflowing with hair care bits and bobs already
  17. but then realising that you can't truly depend on any of those products - water will always be your best friend
  18. when you finally give up with trying to tame your mane so you straighten it...and then promptly hate it because you don't look like you anymore
  19. when you look at hair tutorials for 'curly hair' and you'd peg the model's hair as wavy at best - manufactured loose waves are not curls!
  20. and people doing a double-take when you walk past them when you've straightened your hair

I honestly could have gone on a lot more with this list, I feel a part two coming on!

Any other curly hair strugglers out there? Lemme know what your curly hair problems are, I'm sure I can relate!