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Share the Love // August 2016

Share the Love // August 2016

It's time to share my favourite saves from my Bloglovin' feed from the last month: 

  • I really love this post from Robyn - it's an outfit post (and I love the simplicity of the outfit too!) but it's all of the points she shares about why she loves living in the countryside that I can really relate too - I love living in the countryside too!
  • I'm a serial over-thinker so I'm definitely going to try to implement these tips from Rebecca about things to tell yourself when you're over thinking 
  • PLL is one of my fave shows to watch - this is pretty much my thought process throughout each episode!
  • Hannah's garden party is all of the pinterest/instagram goals - bookmarking for next summer, or maybe a winter-y pre-Christmas garden party could be a thing?!
  • Fearing failure is something I really struggle with so Kayla's post really resonated with me - it's so comforting to read other people's stories about their daily struggles with their anxiety - it helps to make the glossier side of blogging a bit more realistic 
  • This combination of Hannah's and Lily's list posts are basically summing up my early-twenties so far - I was giggling as I read them because at every point I was thinking "yep, that's me!"
  • I *love* how Sarah has decorated her home for autumn (or should I say fall?!) - whilst I'm still clinging onto the last rays of summer I admit it has got me starting to feel a little more welcoming to autumn!
  • Carly's post on personal days is one I'll be bookmarking for when I'm having a bit of a feeling sucky day - along with Emma's ideas for blog posts for those down days
  • I'm such a homebody - Katy Belle summed up all of my feelings about why this it's okay to be happy as such in this post 
  • The photography in Aftab's post about visiting Duck & Waffle for breakfast has cemented it on my to-do list for next time I'm in London - how gorgeous is the sunrise over the city?!

What were your fave posts that you read/wrote this month? Links in the comments please!


Favourites // August 2016

Favourites // August 2016

Well, I can't believe that this is the last monthly favourites post of summer 2016! 

August was a pretty good month - work-wise it was pretty busy but I had a good variety of 'normal' work days and shift days (apart from swapping shifts to help other people at work that meant I ended up working for the first 3 weekends of the month!) so it was nice to get back into working with other people and seeing my work buddies again! Aside from work I finished watching the last season of The Musketeers (and oh my goodness it was amazing - I adore that show!) plus I definitely tried to make the most of the nice days we had in August (aka when it was crazy hot for a couple of days before it went all stormy and rainy for the next few days!) by reading in the garden. Also - I discovered a love for Monte Cristo sandwiches - oh so good!

Anyway, here are my faves from this past month!

WATERMELON T-SHIRT // I adore this shirt - it's so fun and different to all of the other plain t's that I own! I sometimes want to wear a shirt that's a little more interesting than a plain white t-shirt but is still an easy tee to throw on with jeans! I just love it!

ALWAYS WITH LOVE - GIOVANNA FLETCHER // Of all of Gi's character pairings, Sophie and Billy are my absolute favourites! I just think they're so cute and I can relate *so* much to Sophie! 

GOSSIP GIRL // I was obsessed with GG when I was in high school/college - I had the box sets and binge watched them every night! I worked my way through the seasons 1-5 but just never got round to watching season 6! I haven't watched GG for a good couple of years but I was completely uninterested in anything on my Netflix list so I thought I'd give season 6 a watch - finally! I'd forgotten how much I loved Gossip Girl - I think a re-watch of the whole show is overdue!

LONGCHAMP LE PLIAGE BACKPACK // I've been wanting this backpack for months now but just never got round to clicking purchase so my Nan and G decided to buy it for my birthday (I think they were sick of hearing my blather on about it!)! I've been using this bag every single day since my birthday - I love how perfect it is for both work and play. It fits everything I need in for work (and I carry a load of stuff in my work bag - just have a read of this post!), I don't feel too guilty about leaving it squished in my locker all day (I hated having to squash my Michael Kors Jet Set Tote into my locker every morning!) plus it looks so nice and polished with every outfit!

SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE CURE & OPI AVOPLEX CUTICLE OIL // my nails have been absolutely shocking this month for some reason - they were looking so lovely the past couple of months, so strong and long - but for some reason they've started to become all flaky and have all broken - it's so frustrating! Slathering on a combination of these two products have really helped fix my terrible nails I think!

URBAN OUTFITTERS MIRROR // I redecorated my room completely (new furniture and a new colour scheme!) over the past couple of years but there's one thing that I'd never got around to getting - a mirror to go on the wall above my bed. I didn't want to buy something on a whim that I wasn't completely in love with, I wanted to invest in something that I really loved - as soon as I saw this one on the UO website I fell in love! My room is grey and white with accents of copper and silver so it's the perfect fit! I hung it this past weekend and it's perfect! I'm so glad that I waited until I found something I really loved!

So that was everything I've been loving in June! If you want to see what I got up to during the month via the medium of instagram pics, then check out this post!


Insta-Lately // August 2016

Insta-Lately // August 2016

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :)

The weather at the start of the month was truly awful - so I spent my rest day after my night shifts in bed - and I’m not even sorry about it!

I found these anthropologie-esque cups in TK Maxx - they’re perfect for my morning caffeine fix!

After my next lot of nights I decided that I couldn’t spend my rest day netflix-ing! So I decided to be productive - apparently that meant just playing with all my pretty stationery - oops!

Our last hydrangea bloomed in the garden - we have a few of these plants dotted around our garden and they bloom consecutively over the spring/summer - it’s so sad to see the last one bloom because that means that it’s almost the end of the summer!

 I really loved how the photos for this postcame out - although I did commit and instagram aesthetic sin and put marble on marble for them!

The weather has been crazy this month - it has been horrible and rainy for a few days and then we get a couple of days of blazing hot sunshine! I definitely tried to make the most of it by sitting in the garden and reading in the sun as much as I could!

I was on core days at work for the last two weeks of the month (aka in the lab 9-5:30 every weekday) and it’s absolutely exhausting me - I couldn't wait to crawl into bed each evening! I’ve not been on core days since June so it has been a bit of a culture shock having to work 5 days in a row! (When I’m on nights I work 2 consecutive nights and then we get 3 days off!)

After working for the first 3 weekends of the month I made sure to enjoy a lazy Sunday last week! Breakfast in bed  - complete with a naughty chocolate cereal treat and some quality time catching up on my blog reads!

This one is actually me typing up this post! I blame the return of Great British Bake Off for the reason why this post is going up so late! I almost completely forgot that I needed to blog today!


So that was August, I can’t believe that’s the last month of summer gone! Here’s hoping for an Indian Summer...


If I Had a Bar Cart

If I Had a Bar Cart

if i had a bar cart

I *love* a good bar cart - I spend far too much time than I care to admit to just browsing through all of the bar cart decor and styling ideas on pinterest - I'm obsessed!

I definitely think it's high time that I started to sort out my own bar cart - there's an alcove in our lounge that's just begging for a bar cart to be put there! Hence, I've been adding stuff to my bar cart wishlist for a little while now and I *think* I've finally decided on my 'theme' - lots of white and silver, a few pops of colour from some fun drinks napkins and flowers (fake obvs, because I can't keep anything alive for more than a couple of days!) and some novelty items of course - my mason jar shot glasses will be pride of place, and I think that as a scientist this flask cocktail shaker is a necessity!

Currently // 17-8

Currently // 17-8

How is it time for the last 'currently' post of the summer already?! Here we go...

Eating // Cadbury's Dairy Milk fruit and nut - but it has to be ice cold, straight from the fridge...yummm!

Drinking // sparkling peach water - I'm obsessed with how refreshing it it!

Watching // season six of Gossip Girl - how late to the bandwagon am I?! I've been meaning to get around to watching it for literally years but always found something else to watch instead! I've missed the GG craziness I must admit - it's a nice bit of easy-watching for the evenings.

Listening // it's still country music on repeat in my car- I bloody love country music in the summertime!

Reading // Giovanna's latest release Always With Love - I just adore all of her character pairings, but Billy & Sophie are my absolute favourite! I feel like I can relate so much to Sophie, so where's my film star fancy man then?!

Planning // how to start my specialist portfolio for work - it's been two years since I actually did a piece of proper written work so I'm kinda nervous to get back into the swing of things!

Obsessing // over the weather - still. I can't help it! I've been making the most of the glorious summer and spending all the time I can outside - it's almost like being on holiday when I'm sat reading in my garden in the sunshine!

Smelling // my room has pretty much been smelling consistently like a deliciously hot man has just sprayed his aftershave and left for work - sadly this is not the case - it's courtesy of the Yankee Candle

Wearing // my Longchamp Le Pliage backpack literally every day since my birthday - I adore it!

Wanting // these Nike trainers - I just love them! They look so comfy for when I'm on nights! I think my Primarni trainers might need an upgrade next pay day...

Feeling // so much happier than this time last month and a lot more content with things. And - side note - I'm so proud of how Great Britain is doing in the Olympics, as of writing this we are 2nd in the medals table, how crazy is that compared to how big some of the other countries are?! There were so many great events I loved watching: the Men's floor/pommel horse (Max Whitlock is so incredibly talented!), the Men's synchro 10m diving (because who doesn't love Tom Daley?!), the gold medal tennis match - good grief Andy Murray had me on the edge of my seat with how intense that match was!, the incredible dressage test from Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro - what a pair!


The Only Two Lipsticks I'll Ever Need

The Only Two Lipsticks I'll Ever Need

In terms of makeup products that I tend to hoard, lipstick really isn't one of them. I think I have a handful of lipsticks rolling around in the back of my vanity drawer - there's a couple a deep red shades for when I'm feeling particularly brave in the autumn/winter, a bright pink for summer, an orange that I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought it!.

But I barely reach for any of those shades, probably only about once a year, if that! - so I reckon I could survive quite happily with just two lipsticks to choose from - a nude and a red, and these two are my top picks at the moment.

NUDE // Charlotte Tilbury - BITCH PERFECT

This is such an easy lipstick to throw on just to give your lips a little bit of colour - it's a beautiful nude-y peach-y pink - which manages to not make my lips look dead, something I tend to struggle with when I try to wear nudes because I'm so darn pale! I can't be dealing with lipsticks that feel cakey on my lips, this one thankfully doesn't, it's buttery and smooth plus as a bonus - it fades quite unobtrusively too which I appreciate. 

RED // Chanel - PASSION

Is there anything more classic than a red lipstick from Chanel? I love how intense this colour is in just one coat - plus its blue undertones make my teeth look whiter which is always a bonus! I do find that I have to reach for a lip liner when I want to wear this because it is a little smudge-y and I can't be bothered to be worrying about if my lipstick has smudged throughout the evening! I really appreciate how moisturizing this formulation is because I hate it when bold colours seem to accentuate any dry parts of my lips!

So they're the two lipsticks I think I'll even need in my life - if you could only have a couple of shades to get you through which would you pick?

20 problems you can relate to if you have curly hair

20 problems you can relate to if you have curly hair

I'm a paid up member of the curl haired club - and don't get me wrong I love my curls! I feel my most 'me' with them, I kinda like that they're my defining feature - I'm 'the girl over there with the curls' when I'm in a crowded room. I love how I don't have to panic-reach for an umbrella if it's raining (rain makes my curls look better if anything!), how I can manage to somehow by some miracle to pin my hair up with just one bobby pin (it's quite crazy!), how I never have to worry about wanting volume (!!).

But there are some legit curly hair problems that come with having my crazy headstrong curls/ringlets/dreadlocks (on a bad day it's a combination of all three!)...

  1. putting off going to the hairdressers because you can guarantee that no matter how many times you tell them that you have curly hair they will cut it too short and you're convinced that you'll end up looking like Annie
  2. when people go to touch your hair and you want to cringe away because you just know the frizziness it's going to cause
  3. sometimes your hair just decides that it'd be a good day to spontaneously develop knots or dreadlocks - thanks boo
  4. shrinkage - no one will believe you that your hair is actually a good 5 inches longer that it looks when it's curly
  5. having an affinity with Merida because you're finally being represented in Disney Princess form
  6. when putting your hair in plaits actually makes it more straight than when you started
  7. being left with an ultimatum every time you shower - to scrunch or to twirl
  8. being able to guess the % humidity before you've even go outside based on how much shrinkage is going on in your hair when you wake up
  9. when you hair-care routine is multi-stepped: clarifying shampoo, de-frizzing shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair oil, mousse
  10. gasping in horror at someone suggesting that you brush your hair - do they want you to look like Hermione circa The Philosopher's Stone?!
  11. not being able to fit all of your hair in a selfie unless a selfie stick is used
  12. people playing with the spring-y-ness of your ringlets - yes they spring back when you stretch them out, no this doesn't wear out
  13. having to apologise to anyone you hug/kiss for the fact that your hair got in their face
  14. your hair always being described as 'frizzy' - no it's curly mate (I've used approximately 3 bottles of conditioner to make it not frizzy so I know for a fact it's not frizzy *cue hysterics*)
  15. never being able to grow your hair out, because no matter what length it is, it will always spring back up
  16. if there's a hair care product that says it's for de-frizzing or for taming curls or for calming crazy hair you will buy it - even though you have a draw overflowing with hair care bits and bobs already
  17. but then realising that you can't truly depend on any of those products - water will always be your best friend
  18. when you finally give up with trying to tame your mane so you straighten it...and then promptly hate it because you don't look like you anymore
  19. when you look at hair tutorials for 'curly hair' and you'd peg the model's hair as wavy at best - manufactured loose waves are not curls!
  20. and people doing a double-take when you walk past them when you've straightened your hair

I honestly could have gone on a lot more with this list, I feel a part two coming on!

Any other curly hair strugglers out there? Lemme know what your curly hair problems are, I'm sure I can relate!


23 // Birthday Week Recap

23 // Birthday Week Recap

So last week I had the week off work because it was my birthday on the Saturday - the big 2.3! I decided earlier on in the year that if I was going to book a week off to have at home for my birthday I didn't want to waste it by sitting at home on my laptop all day everyday so we decided to plan an activity for pretty much every day whilst I was off! It was a crazy amazing week so I had to document it in a blog post for posterity!


We went to the the beach at New Brighton (it's one of our fave places to go for a day trip because we can take Little Prin too!) and then called at Parkgate for arguably the best ice cream ever!


Nam & I went to a super cute farmers market to pick out some produce for our picnic later on in the week! It was a lovely experience hand-picking the bits and pieces we wanted, the fruit and veggies were so tasty and as a bonus it was so inexpensive!


We had a bit of a chilled day at home but I took Little Prin for a long walk around the lakes to make the most of the sunshine - it was so relaxing and Little Prin had so much fun!


One of our 'big' trips this week was our trip to the zoo! I haven't been to the zoo for years but it was so nice to go back and see such incredible animals up close! Plus we had a picnic (because Nam's picnics are legendary!) but Nam decided to go all out and brought a flower arrangement, a tablecloth and even a candelabra with her to put on the table! It was hilarious!


No photos from todays activity but we went to our local theatre to see a 70s ABBA/Grease show - it was really fun and we love going to the theatre as a family!


It was my birthday day! I started off the day by opening my presents/cards from my friends and family - even Little Prin got me a card! Mum and I then went out for breakfast because I honestly love going out for breakfast, it feels so fancy! In the evening we went out for dinner at a local pub/restaurant - it was so delicious! Plus Nam had arranged for there to be a stunning flower arrangement on the table and even a little posy for me!


I had such an incredible birthday week - I'm so glad that I decidedly to randomly book the week off work! I'm so grateful for my Mum, Nam & G for putting up with my crazy ideas and for spending the whole week doing fun activities with me!


Share The Love // July 2016

Share The Love // July 2016

It's time to share my fave posts that graced my Bloglovin' feed this past month, let's go!

  • For years now Nantucket has been on my travel bucket list (ever since I read the Au Pairs series when I was in my teens!) so any travel post featuring the island is automatically one of my faves! Two of my fave bloggers spent time there this past month and I loved reading their recap posts - particularly Mackenzie's 24 Hours on Nantucket (plus her bicycle is just goals!) and Carly's Nantucket for the Day!
  • Rhianna from Robowecop's posts are always fab (I only discovered her weekly vlogs this week and I've been binge-watching them they're so good!) but my fave from July was her My F**k Budget post! I think it's definitely something that I need to start implementing in my life!
  • I'm so excited about the return of Gilmore Girls (thank you netflix gods!) - I only watched the show for the first time last year and I just loved it, everything about it and every single episode! (fun fact: I've put off watching the last episode of series seven because I just didn't want the show to be over!) so this post from Katy about life lessons that can be learnt from Gilmore Girls was right up my street!
  • I never, ever, even entertained the idea of going on a cruising holiday (I love the idea in theory but I just know I'd feel so uncomfortable!) but Amelia's vlog made me start considering it - all that luxury, such a dream!
  • This post from Robyn really resonated with me - I know I'll be implementing these tips when I eventually pluck up the courage to put my social anxiety to one side and start the dating game again.
  • I'm a sucker for stationery; back to school shopping was always one of my favourites parts of the summer holidays so of course I loved checking out these new stationery brands Rebecca posted about!
  • Speaking of stationery, I partially blame Jaye for my obsession with my Erin Condren Life Planner - and now she's at it again blogging more about EC! Now I *need* an EC notebook in my life - none of my other 10 million pretty notebooks will do the job ;P
  • Maybe I'm just a super nosey person but I love having little insights into peoples' days (weekly vlogs are my faves!) - any sort of routine post I really enjoy reading! Seeing how Emma schedules in her blogging around her other job and really maximises her time in this post has been really helpful.
  • I graduated just over two years ago now and I have to say that the first year post-grad I really missed learning - don't get me wrong I spent that first year of my job getting to grips with all of the practical skills I needed to actually do my job but I missed gaining that theory. I've started working towards my second portfolio now so there's tons of theory involved in that but Carly's post on How To Keep Learning Outside of School really struck a chord with me - I don't ever want to be in a stagnant position of not learning new skills/knowledge!
  • I feel like I want to send all of my friends/family/potential guys in the future the link to this post - Caring for your Introvert.

What were your favourite posts that you read/wrote this month? Leave me links in the comments please!