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Share The Love // June 2016

Apparently it's already time to share my fave blog posts that I read in June - I swear I was only writing last month's the other day!

  • I've had some serious wanderlust this month - every seems to be jetting off on their summer adventures! I especially loved watching Amelia's vlog (it has definitely made Cyprus a potential for my summer jolly this year!) and Carly's series of blog posts about her trip to Ireland - Ireland's right on my doorstep but I've never really felt the year to go and explore it, Carly's definitely changed my mind - I didn't realise how beautiful it is!
  • Speaking of travel - I thought Aftab's post sharing his first Solo Travel Experience was such a lovely read - I was so proud reading it that he managed to go and explore Paris all on his own! I know for sure that solo travel will never be inside my comfort zone!
  • I found this post from Laura to be really helpful - I'm yet to invest in a 'proper' camera (I'm looking at you Olympus Pen!) for blog photos, I love the ease of using my iPhone and I'm always on the lookout for tips and tricks to get the most out of my iPhone camera.
  • I'm a pretty anxious/worrier type of person generally in all aspects of my life (including my bloggy one!) so this post from Rebecca was right up my street - The Worrier's Guide to Blogging
  • Another bloggy tip post that I really found helpful this month was this one from Katy Belle - I work full time as part of a 24 hour shift service (all the night shifts, early shifts, weekend days along with 'normal' 9-5 hours!) so it's a struggle at times to fit work, studying for my next portfolio for work, 'life' and blogging all in so the tips in this post are much needed!
  • Speaking of work - I'm always saying sorry - literally it's a running joke, everyone at work makes fun of me for it! This post from Dara really opened my eyes to how people may perceive me as a result of my near-constant apologies - really worth a read if you're a serial apologizer like me!
  • I have such a sweet tooth - I'll be trying out this healthy chocolate smoothie bowl recipe from the Blonde Prep very soon!
  • This outfit that Amelia posted has given me serious summer outfit inspo!
  • Both mum and I are serious candle lovers so Rebecca's Ultimate Candle Lovers Guide was right up my street - all of the candles please!
  • Hannah Gale is just goals in all aspects of life but this post about when her and Chris built the perfect den is just too amazing - I need a den building buddy!

What were your favourite posts that you read/wrote this month? Leave me links in the comments please!