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My New Car // Fiat 500 Volare Blue

Apologies in advance but this post is basically me sharing my excitement for my new car!

Last week I signed for my first brand new car! I'd had my old car since I passed my test five years ago and to be honest it just wasn't cutting it anymore - it was a bit too old to be doing the long commute to my work every day and was starting to be a bit temperamental - there were a few times last winter when I'd got in my car to drive home after my shift and it wouldn't start which meant having to sit around waiting for the breakdown man to come and fix it before I could go home which wasn't really ideal! It was time for a little upgrade and a grown up purchase!

Anyway, this is my new baby! It's a Fiat 500 Lounge in Volare Blue! When I was looking at new cars it was a no brainer - this has been my dream car for the past few years now (to be honest it's the only car I've ever driven past and thought "oooh that's pretty"!) - this colour definitely helped with that decision, if I was a colour I would be this colour! This creamy, bright cornflower blue is the colour that I always have painted on my nails when I'm not on work - I just can't get enough of it!

I'm no car buff (far from it!) - all I can say is that I love driving it, it feels really comfortable and is surprisingly more roomy that I was anticipating - I just adore it! 

Every time I look out my window and see it parked on the drive I just get so happy and feel so proud of myself - I've worked so hard to get into the position that I am, to be able to treat myself to this commitment! This is the first car that I've basically decided that I wanted and subsequently got for all by myself (well Mum was there to hold my hand throughout the scary adulting process of course!).

So that's my new car...beep beep!