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How I Use my Erin Condren Life Planner

I've had my Erin Condren Life Planner for just over six months now and I'm still as obsessed with it as I was when I first ordered it (!) so I thought it was time to share a little 'how I use it'-type of post here on the ol' blog!


The stickerating element of using an ECLP is definitely what drew me to it. I love how customisable you can make your week so that your planner works the best that it can for you. And I love how easy it is to be creative with it - even me (who is seriously lacking in creative talent!) can use stickers to make look oh so pretty whilst still being functional. 

I pretty much always stick to the colour scheme of the month, I just like everything to match and flow. For three weeks of the month I use a monthly kit and then one week I treat myself to using a bit more decorative and fancy weekly kit (it's a little bit cheaper than to buy a weekly kit for each week of the month!). I like how this combination works because it really fits with how I like my planner to look - quite a clean and uncomplicated spread, so I tend to go for a majority of functional stickers with just a few decorative stickers thrown in - my stickers have to add to the functionality of my planner and not detract from it. For example, it sounds crazy but I love the bin stickers - I think they're a much cuter way of keeping track of which bin is being collected each week!

Over the last month I think I've finally nailed how I like my weekly spreads to look. I like half boxes and white space at the top of the daily column for any big tasks for the day (so which section I'm working in on that shift or something I need to get done that day). The middle section is where I can add extra things that I'm doing - but primarily it's where I like to have the most decoration in my week. In the bottom boxes I always have to-do lists for those little bits and pieces that I need to write down otherwise I'll forget to do them!

The way my week looks is very uniform across the week, despite the fact that every day is different. I use header stickers to categorise the different sections of the day depending on what I have going on. For example, the days that I have work I use a work header for the top section, but the days I'm off I use a today header. For the days I'm at work, I like to use an afterwork header for all the things I want to get done after my shift. I like how the headers split up my days differently so that each day can be planned out in the most appropriate way for me and my schedule.

The sidebar is very functional for me - it has my work schedule for the week (ie. what shifts I'm on and when my rest days are) and also a step tracker (I just like seeing which days I'm more sedentary than others so I can hopefully improve on them!).


After six months of changing up how I plan out my weeks I'm so happy to have finally found a way of planning that is functional and helps me stay organised but also is a creative outlet for me and looks pretty!

My next task is to make myself use the monthly spread in a more helpful way, any planners out there have any tips and tricks for me?