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Favourites // July 2016

I felt like July flew by! I was essentially on night shifts for the whole of July which meant that I felt like I slept for most of the month, haha! 

For the most part July was pretty quiet, highlights included: making the most of my rest days by taking Little Prin on lots of walks in the sunshine, also Starbucks *finally* brought Teavana iced tea over here so that obsession took over most of my month! Workwise - I had a run of super busy night shifts but I really enjoyed the challenge and how much confidence they gave me! Plus the last week of the month marked me being on the shift rota for two whole rotations! I took the last week of the month off work because it was my birthday so we decided to dedicate the whole week to having birthday fun - it was amazing to be able to spend the whole week with my family, I was so grateful for that time off work!

Anyway, onto my faves for the past month!

MONOGRAMMED TOWEL // I've been obsessed with slapping my monogram onto everything I own for the past couple of years (totally guilty of monogramming my car, sorry not sorry!) and I've always coveted a monogrammed towel - it's weird, I know! - so now I finally have one! It's ridiculous how much joy and life affirmation a towel has brought me!

YANKEE CANDLE 'BARBERSHOP' COLLECTION // I'm all about candles that smell a bit musky and manly (I mean I once described a candle scent as "walking through apple trees in the autumn with a hot man in a checked shirt by your side"!) and this collection ticks those boxes! I love all of the scents in the collection but 'Chrome' is my absolute favourite - it's delicious!

L'OREAL NUDE MAGIQUE CUSHION FOUNDATION // I'm a foundation junkie and this is the latest I've added to my collection. I'm not usually the biggest fan of drugstore foundations but this one has made it's way to being the foundation I reach for pretty much every day! I really like the shade (it's usually a struggle for me to find a pale enough shade!), the application is super messy (I like how it's a liquid foundation but in a compact!) and it has really good coverage for a foundation that feels so light on the skin.

L'OREAL PURE CLAY DETOX MASK // I'm not a dedicated face mask user but I picked this up on a whim (it was on the display in Boots next to the foundation - that's how they get you, isn't it?!) and have actually used it twice a week since I got it! It really feels like it draws out the impurities in my skin and leaves it feeling super clean and refreshed. I've got my eye on the glow-y one next! 

ORLY 'RAGE' NAIL POLISH // As is every other blogger out there I'm still crushing hard on all things rose gold. I painted my toe nails with this shade at the start of the month and I've been loving how nice it looks when I'm wearing sandals! If you're on the hunt for the perfect rose gold polish then this is a really good one to pick up!

LE PEN // These pens caught my eye when I saw some planner girls on YT singing their praises a couple of months ago and I've been on the hunt for them (the stationery obsessive that I am!) ever since but even I couldn't warrant paying for shipping from the US for a couple of pens I might not even like writing with! But when I was picking up another couple of candles from the Barbershop collection in Clintons I saw these pens by the till - I got far too excited than I should have and grabbed a couple. As it turns out the planner girls were right, these pens are fab! They write really smoothly and my handwriting actually looks okay when I use it! Plus they write on glossy stickers so they're perfect for using in my planner!

BIRTHDAY WEEK // Like I mentioned I took the week before my birthday off work so that I could get in some real quality time with my family! It was honestly probably the best week of the whole year - we all had so much fun! We packed so much into the week (so much so that a whole post is going to be dedicated to it that should be coming in the next week or so!): a trip to the beach, a visit to our fave ice cream parlour, a trip to the zoo, an insane picnic at the zoo, a breakfast out, a show at the theatre and dinner out to celebrate my actual birthday! To be honest I'm a little bit glad to be going back to work next week for a rest!

So that was everything I've been loving in June! If you want to see what I got up to during the month via the medium of instagram pics, then check out this post!