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Currently // 24-7

It's time for this month's currently post! Here we go...

Eating // fromage frais yoghurts - yep the ones for kids. What can I say - I just really like them!

Drinking // a massive mason jar packed with ice and filled with diet coke - it's just so darn hot!

Watching // lots of weekly vlogs - I really enjoy seeing YT people be more 'real' on their weekly vlogs

Listening // all the country music all the time - my new car plays music via my iPhone so I've been loving driving round with the windows down and some country tunes on - something that epitomises summer to me!

Reading // Carrie Hope Fletcher's new (and first!) fiction novel - On the Other Side! I'm loving it so far - it's such a unique and original plot!

Planning // how I'm going to spend my week off work next week - I decided to take the week before my birthday off so I can make the most of my birthday!

Obsessing // over how amazing the weather has been for the last couple of weeks - beautiful blue skies, blazing hot sunshine - it has been fab!

Smelling // I'm still working on burning up my candle stash - this month I've been burning Yankee Candle's Lotus flower pretty consistently - it is being so stubborn, it's taking absolutely ages to finish!

Wearing // my UGG flip flops all. the. time. - they're just so bloomin' comfy!

Wanting // a bit of an update for my blog design - I've *finally* added a SHOP page (I've had this page created but in draft since January!). Now I want to add slider with recent posts - but at the minute the coding for it is completely alluding me - I may have to bite the bullet and buy a whole new blog design that already has it included, which saddens me because I really love my current design!

Feeling // kinda down lately if I'm honest - I was on nights for the whole of July which has really altered my mood and made me feel tired all the time and a bit sad and just generally not in a very happy place.