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10 Fashion Buys on my Summer Wishlist

Okay, seeing as we've had least two days of a heatwave (currently melting in my 27 °C room, very disappointed that the beautiful copper fan from Sainsburys that every blogger and their mother has isn't that fab at actually cooling my room down - but it does look so pretty sitting on my chest of drawers so there's that I suppose!) I think we can safely say that British Summertime has arrived - finally!

So in honour of that and the fact that I've decided to throw caution to the wind and spontaneously book a week in the sun (Marbella I'm coming for ya!) in October I decided to let myself have a little peruse of all of the summery fashion bits and bobs that's on offer, and well it'd be rude not to share my fave picks wouldn't it?

10 things on my summer wishlist


Now summer, if you could just hang around long enough for some of these to be delivered after my payday shopping sesh next week that'd be marvellous, thanks!