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Staycation // Appleby Horse Fair & Penrith

Today's post is a somewhat hastily pulled together affair! I've been away in Cumbria for the past few days and to be honest, the need to organise/write a post for today completely slipped my mind! So I thought I'd share a few of my most favourite photos that I took whilst I was away!

We went up to Penrith to see the Appleby Horse Fair (my Grandad has been going every year for the past 38 years so this year we decided to go with him!) - our first stop was to go and sit on the banks of the River Eden to watch the travellers bring their ponies down to the river for a swim to cool off after the journey. 

I've never seen horses truly swim before and honestly it's beautiful - watching them splash around in the water before plunging in and seemingly canter through the ripples was stunning. 

The next day we went onto Fair Hill itself - what an experience! We wandered around the stalls and settled in to watch the hordes of ponies get driven down into the village - we loved it!

Afterwards we took a drive up to Lowther Estate to see the castle - oh wow, it really is beautiful! The scenery in the Lake District really is nothing like I've ever seen before - everywhere you look the mountains are just breathtaking!


On Saturday we took a trip along Ullswater Lake to visit Glenridding and Howtown. Both places were so quaint and cute - we even stumbled across the tiniest pub ever - the bar was only about a metre long!

We rounded off our trip with a drive up the fells to have a picnic for dinner. It was so relaxing to sit and eat in the quiet with such incredible views! We had a wander up the fell a little to see if we could spot any of the wild fell pony herd up on the fells and we did! We were even lucky enough to be able to see a foal - only three days old! It was such an amazing experience to be able to see the wild herd that my fell pony came from in their native habitat.

So that was our trip to Appleby - it was my first time visiting the Lake District and I can now truly understand why everyone raves about how beautiful it is up there! I'll definitely be going back next year!