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My Favourite Summer Lunch

If you ask me, the summertime is just made for long, lazy lunches eaten whilst basking in the sunshine in the garden. 

In the summer I seem to crave light lunches, preferably including a bit of fruit along with something savoury - like a melon (gala or cantaloupe are my favourites but watermelon would work too!), cherry tomato and feta salad or a simple caprese with added peaches sliced up into the mix too or a classic rocket/walnut/blue cheese salad with pear thrown in and pomegranate sprinkled on top...okay now I'm drooling! Writing this post just before lunch time was perhaps not my greatest idea!

I make no secret of the fact that I'm somewhat less than gifted in the kitchen (when I was in high school dreaded food tech wasn't optional and I somehow managed to make a swiss roll that ended sticking my parents mouths together when they tried it....oops!) but even I can manage to sling these 'recipes' together!

My ultimate summer lunch idea  - the one I try not to make too often so then it stays as a sort of treat - is camembert (the mild kind, sadly because overly fragrant cheese just isn't for me!) baked in the oven 'til it's all melty and delicious with a platter of different fruits and vegetables to dunk in.

What a smorgasbord of deliciousness, I mean just look at it! 

Ingredients //
  • camembert (pick your poison in terms of strength)
  • fruits for dunking
  • vegetables for dunking
  • a freshly baked french baguette

Method (not entirely sure this is necessary but having a method is engrained in my scientist brain!) // 
  • pop the camembert into the oven for 10-15 mins (make sure you remove the wax paper and leave the lid off!)
  • whilst that's baking cut up all of your desired crudites (I like a good combination of carrots, baguette, celery, apples and grapes - but mum is partial to adding figs and peaches into the mix as well!) 
  • by this time the camembert should be getting nice and squidgy, so stand and watch the oven impatiently for those last couple of minutes - salivating optional but highly encouraged!
  • arrange the chunks of bread/fruit/vegetables around the centrepiece of the gooey cheese and then dig in!

I find this is best served with a side of bubbles (be it sparkling water, a fizzy diet coke or some champagne!) and a good catch up in between dunking, scooping and nibbling! Take an extra long lunch break for this one because it's too good to rush!

Right, I'm gonna nip off to Waitrose now to get some supplies to make this for a late lunch for mum and I because writing up this post has made me crave some camembert!