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Favourites // June 2016

Erm, how are we over halfway through 2016 already? This month has gone by insanely fast - I swear I was only just collating my favourites together for last months post!

June was a busy one - I started off with an amazing trip to Penrith for Appleby Horse Fair (check out this post!) and I finished off the month on a high too by ordering myself (and Mum) a Lay-z Spa (best post-night shift decision ever!). Work-wise I officially marked my two years of being in full-time post-grad work (I'm so proud of how far I've come in those two years!), I got to the stage where I felt completely comfortable and in control when preparing products for a major hemorrhage for A&E (I used to be so incredibly scared of them!). Other notable events was the #EURefFloatilla - at the time it was hilarious but looking back on the results of the EU Referendum I can't laugh about it anymore. On a happier note - I absolutely adored watching the Trooping of the Colour for the Queen's birthday, it made me so proud of our armed forces and Royal family.

So, onto my favourites from June:

RUFFLE SHIRT // In the summer I live in sleeveless shirts and this one is a good 'un! Thanks to Dotty P's! I love the slight ruffle, I'm not a fan of a lot of frills on shirts but this one has just the right amount! Plus it's blue, which is essentially all I wear in the summer! 

OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL // I've been reaching for this cleanser pretty much every night this month and I've been really enjoying it! I love how clean it makes my skin feel (and removes my makeup at the same time!) super quickly but also feels quite luxurious to use on a daily basis because of its balm-y/oil-y texture. 

JESSICA - TRUE BLUE // I adore blue nail polish - I wear it at every chance I get and have an embarrassingly large collection of blue hues! But I've been wearing this one most this month because it reminds me of an exciting thing that's happening in the next week or so! But aside from the excitement, it's a great colour for summer - such a creamy, opaque 'true' blue - exactly what it says on the tin, well bottle!

BLOGOSPHERE MAGAZINE // I'll admit I wasn't really interested in blogosphere magazine until this latest issue - mainly because I couldn't really get to grips with it, is it a blog in magazine form, is it trying to bring blogs into the magazine genre? Anyway, either way, this month I had to order it to have a read of because my lovely bloggy buddy Aftab was in it! His piece was really good in it - all about the balance between running a blog on the side of a full on university course but also the rest of the magazine was really fab! I've been loving dipping in and out of it every few days, just settling down with a cuppa and having a read of an article or two at a time. I feel like I've found some great new blogs to read and I've learnt some new bloggy tips too! I'll definitely be getting the next issue too!

MINTY HEARTS SUMMER SIGNS // After a couple of months of not really been into stickerating my planner I really got back into it this past month. I find it such a fun, non-internet hobby! Obviously with my rekindled love I had to order some new stickers, this sheet from Minty Hearts is just so fun and perfect for the start of summer - on the one hand I can't wait to use them in my planner but also I kinda want to save them because they're so pretty! That's crazy, isn't it?!

Aaaaand that was everything I've been loving in June! If you want to see what I got up to during the month via the medium of instagram pics, then check out this post!