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Essie's Perfect Summer Red Polish - Fifth Avenue

It's very rare to see me with my nails not painted either nude for when I'm at work, or blue for when I'm off work. I have to wear unobtrusive nail polish for work and then when I get the freedom to paint my nails whatever colour I want, I always (almost without fail!) reach for a shade of blue! So when I found myself reaching for a red polish to whack on I thought I'd best blog about it!

I completely blame Vivianna & Lily for making me reach for a red/orange shade to adorn my nails with this week - they've both been wearing Chanel's Espadrilles recently, which is such a gorgeous colour I *needed* it in my life! But, seeing as I'm an infrequent warmer nail polish colour wearer I talked myself down from that impulse buy and toddled off into our beauty room (aka our spare room that has one wall taken over by a bookcase that mum & I have stuffed full of all things beauty!) to trawl through our nail polish stash to find a dupe for Espadrilles!

Essie: Fifth Avenue - was the closest I managed to find and it's good but is a little lacking in orange tones to make it exactly like Chanel's offering, but still it has satisfied my need for a blood orange nail polish this week!

It's a bright blood orange that verges more on the red side of things. Which makes me feel like it's a little easier to wear day-to-day than a bright red - I just feel a bit ostentatious wearing a bright red in the daytime - I know it's silly but I do! I always class red as more of a fancy, daring nail polish choice - just one that's a little bit too adult-y for me! I love how summery and cheery this shade is! It's so lovely and eye-catching that a couple of people have complimented me on it - winning!

As always with Essie, it's super easy to paint on and was opaque in a couple of coats - with a slick of a good top coat (my fave is Seche Vite) it has been chip free for almost a week now!

Whenever I get tired of reaching for my usual blue hues I'll definitely be bringing this one out again for a change during the summer time!