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Currently // 19-6

It's time for this month's currently post! Here we go...

Eating // bitter ice lollies - lemon ones preferably! I just find that sour ice lollies really seem to quench my thirst when it's warm outside (well for that couple of weeks it was warm before it started raining non-stop again - bloomin' English weather!)

Drinking // a Jimmy's Iced Mocha - I'm really into iced mocha's at the moment - I must need the extra caffeine boost!

Watching // I've become a little obsessed with watching people's Disney World vlogs on YT - there's no way I could ever go to Disney in Florida because it just wouldn't be worth it (I don't really like rollercoasters and I'm too shy to go and meet characters!) so I'm vicariously going through their vlogs! Ellie's and Charlotte's are my faves!

Listening // Whenever it gets to summer I bring my country playlists out again! Yep country music is my guilty pleasure - I just love that whole Southern lifestyle/vibes! Give me a house with a porch on a street lined with magnolias and I'll be a happy gal! Every month or so I add a few more albums to my phone and then just shuffle them on the way home from work - and yeah, I might occasionally sing along!

Reading // I've been re-reading the Sea Breeze series by Abbi Glines this month - I just fancied a bit of good chick-lit summer romance to read!

Planning // what to do for my birthday week! I've taken the week before my birthday off from work so I've decided that I want to pack it full of fun activities. I'm thinking a trip to the zoo, a visit to the beach, potentially a road trip - there's so much I want to do!

Obsessing // over my naughty purchase! I treated myself to a new bag (!!) - I'm a real handbag girl and I've been lusting after this one since my mum bought one for herself a few years ago! It's my first Louis in the Damier Azur colour way and I just adore it for summer! Now I need to start saving for the matching holdall then I'd be all set for travelling!

Smelling // I've been working on actually burning my candles - I'm guilty of buying them but then just hoarding them all! I've been alternately burning Lake Sunset from my Yankee Candle stash and Splash from Kringle Candles - I really like clean and fresh water-y scents for my room in the summer.

Wearing // I've been wearing this gingham dress at every opportunity (work and play!) - it's so comfortable and flattering, plus it's works great for casual wear with trainers or sandals but it can be dressed up with fancier heeled sandals.

Wanting // the lovely summer weather to come back so I can do all the things I'm looking forward to!

Feeling // Contented. In my work life and my home life - sure I'd like a few things to be different, but for now I'm enjoying it!