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10 Things I'm Looking Forward to Now it's Summer

It's here. Summer. Finally. 

That lacklustre spring that was practically an extension of winter has passed and now I'm ready to welcome our long-overdue summer with open arms. In England the past couple of weeks have been pretty consistantly hot and sunny (with the odd day of rain and cloudy skies, because it is England afterall!) so it seems that British Summer Time has finally kicked off for 2016. 

So here's what I'm looking forward to now that it's finally Summer!

  1. Eating every meal I possibly can outside - food definitely tastes better outside!
  2. Walking my dog over the fields and her not getting completely covered in mud!
  3. Embracing ice as a food group - all of the ice in my drink and a sneaky ice lolly as an afternoon snack please!
  4. Being able to leave my coat/jacket at home - it's the little things!
  5. Driving home with the windows down and sunglasses on
  6. Long days - I feel like I am so much more productive in the summer because we get those few precious extra hours
  7. Barbecueing everything - even breakfast!
  8. The smell of summer rain - when the heat finally breaks and it starts to rain that smell of the earth opening up is just so refreshing
  9. Reading outside - spending a couple of hours lying in the garden getting lost in a book in one of my favourite summer activities
  10. How unexpected it is - in England a hot/dry summer isn't guaranteed so I love how whenever we get a lovely summers day everyone piles outside to make the most of it, how happy it makes everyone is just lovely.