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The Yellow Raincoat of Dreams

This week really has been the week for throwing my blog post calendar out of the window and going all spontaneous! Like this post from Wednesday, I had originally planned to write something else today but then this beauty arrived and I just *had* to share it!

Now, a little bit of back story as to why a raincoat of all things gets a whole post dedicated to it! 

I've been desperately wanting a yellow raincoat since they first started to be 'cool' again a few of years ago (not going to lie, I think it was one of those tumblr shots of a mother and child in matching yellow raincoats sat on some townhouse steps in NYC that sparked this whole obsession off!). But, I just couldn't find the 'perfect' one, there never seemed to be an abundance of them on the market and there seemed to be something not quite right in (for me) in all of them - they were too neon, too mustard, to thick, too flimsy - it was a right Goldilocks situation! And then as soon as I'd find the perfect one it'd be sold out! Incredibly annoying! 

So anyway, I sort of gave up on owning a yellow raincoat that I had set my heart on adding to my wardrobe and just vicariously lived through the millions (okay, maybe not millions but I swear every other blogger was sporting a yellow raincoat!) of posts of bloggers merrily enjoying the drizzle in their yellow raincoats!

Phew - now we're all caught up lets fast forward to just last week: to set the scene, I had pretty much given up on the idea of prancing about in the rain in a cheery yellow waterproof. But then my mum (my poor poor mum!) after hearing me drivel on about *needing* a yellow raincoat in my life every time we saw one or every time it rained (which was pretty much on a weekly basis seeing as England = rain!) for the last couple of years stumbled across a listing for one on ebay - cue excitement on my part and a sigh of relief on hers! The jacket was the perfect yellow (not too neon, not too mustard) and was exactly what I had been looking for - thank you Joules! I threw (well clicked very excitedly) it in my basket and checked out before someone else could steal it from me! 

A couple of days later it arrived and oh wow - it's everything I'd ever wanted from a raincoat and more! I realise that I'm waxing lyrical over a raincoat but honestly it has been such a saga that I'm over the moon to finally have my Yellow Raincoat of Dreams in my wardrobe! Everything about this coat is exactly what I'd been so desperately searching for - the colour, the fit, the slight nod to the nautical trend (there's cute little anchors on the poppers!), the navy and white striped lining - I just adore it!

As it turns out this raincoat is actually this seasons (!!) and is available from Joules right this very second - here's the link, if you too want to have a Yellow Raincoat of Dreams in your life - guaranteed to make a rainy day less rubbish (well not guaranteed but highly likely - I know my day would be brightened up if I was wearing this bright beauty!)! 

Which means that not only have I managed to acquire the most sought after piece of clothing I'd been after since the hunt for the perfect pair of boat shoes of 2013, but I've managed to get a little bit of a bargain as well! The coat's RRP is £79.95 but I got mine for just £50 including shipping - it was fate! The fashion gods must have finally taken pity on me and my quest for a damn yellow raincoat!

Now, as much as I'm loving this sudden onslaught of British Summer Time (hello 25 °C and bright sunshine!) I'd really appreciate just the teensiest bit of drizzle so I can take my flashy new raincoat out for a spin!