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Share The Love // April 2016

It's time again (so soon!) to share a round up of all of the fabulous posts I read in April:

  • I relate so so much to this post from Rebecca - an Introvert and a Homebody just describes be perfectly
  • I've bee contemplating the idea of starting a bullet journal so of course I turned blogs for some ideas: these were my favourite - Emma's post, Steph's post and Lisa's post. Plus this starter kit has been bookmarked for when I actually get started!
  • I love Jaye's post on Practising Self Care - it's so important to give yourself a bit of TLC and with our busy lives it's so easy to forget
  • Ally's bedroom is all of the goals - it's so luxe and gorgeous! Plus I really love how Ally has re-branded her blog and is back to blogging, I missed reading her posts! 
  • Hannah's outfit posts this month were amazing - all of the inspiration! Especially these dresses and jumpsuit
  • This video from Amelia really struck a cord with me - I think a positive boost is needed in everyone's life (not just youtubers!) 
  • Robyn's post on shopping online is so darn relatable - I agree with all of them! They describe the whole ordeal of shopping online perfectly!
  • This post that Hannah's boyfriend Chris wrote about being a blogger boyfriend really made me laugh, it's so funny!
  • Rosie's posts recapping her travels in Italy have given me serious wanderlust - I *need* to visit! - one, two, three.
  • This post from Brogan has made me really want to visit Bournemouth! It looks so picturesque and lovely!

What were your favourite posts that you read/wrote this past month? Leave me links in below please!