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New In // Beauty Bits - Spring 2016

Usually there's only a couple of new beauty bits that I pick up when payday rolls around each month - but for some reason this month I seem to have gone a bit beauty crazy and have managed to acquire quite a few new products! So much so that I thought it worth sharing a post about them!

STILA AQUA GLOW SERUM FOUNDATION // I'm an absolute sucker for a new foundation release - it's the one product that I really hoard! I'd seen a bit of the buzz surrounding Stila's latest base release and I was intrigued - it went on my wishlist straight away. A medium coverage, a light feeling on the skin and a slightly dewy finish? Sign me up! I wasn't in any great rush to go out of my way to buy it but when I saw it in a local beauty outlet store for £16 (that's better than half price!) I had to pick it up! Really looking forward to trying this for when I just want a quick and light makeup base to last for a few hours in the summer.

CLARINS DAILY ENERGIZER CLEANSING GEL // I used this cleanser (along with the rest of the Daily Energizer range from Clarins) a few years ago and I really loved it! I used it up and repurchased it a couple of times and then sort of forgot about it when I fell in love with the FAB cleanser this time last year. For the whole year I used the FAB cleanser every time I washed my face and although I really loved it (and still do, I still use it every night!) I was craving a bit of variety in my skincare regime so I added this to a Boots order I was making. I really love using this cleanser in the morning - it's so refreshing and leaves my skin feeling awake, clean and toned - ready to take on the day!

REVLON COLOURSTAY FOUNDATION // As a self-confessed foundation junkie I can't believe I haven't tried this cult fave sooner! I think it's because I was under the illusion (from past experience after trying out loads of drugstore foundations) that most of the drugstore offerings just weren't pale enough for my pale skin - but this one is! Yay! I was after a foundation I could throw on (as I'm half asleep!) quickly for work each day (I didn't want to 'waste' my higher end, perfect match foundations on everyday wear for work!). I have no complaints with this one - it's a great match for a drugstore foundation, it lasts all day (even on my 14-hour night shifts) and it doesn't need any touch-ups during the day. One I'll be repurchasing for sure!

OSKIA RENAISSANCE CLEANSING GEL // I mentioned in this post about this new addition to my bathroom cabinet and I've been loving trying it out! I think of it as a bit of a fancy version of my beloved FAB cleanser! It does the same job - takes of my makeup and leaves my skin looking soft and clean but just feels a bit more luxurious with the gel to oil texture and lovely rose and chamomile scent.

ELIZABETH ARDEN EIGHT HOUR CREAM // This was a bit of a naughty purchase - it just happened to fall in to my Feel Unique bag before I checked out with a couple of bottles of Bioderma to replenish my stash - oops! My lips have been so dry and cracked with the air conditioning at work that they were getting to that itchy, painful stage! I've tried everything to try and remedy the situation: classic vaseline, Korres lip butter, Nuxe reve de miel, Dr Lipp nipple balm - but nothing was a permanent fix! This cream has completely sorted my lips out - it leaves them so soft and glossy, I'm converted! It's pricey to use just as a lip balm but oh wow I can't get over how magic it is!

VICTORIAS SECRET 'ENDLESS LOVE' LOTION //  Seeing as it's starting to get a bit warmer and spring-like (although I might be speaking too soon because the forecast today is looking like we'll be going back to those Spring Showers we only just got rid of!) I've been trying to up my game when it comes to looking after my skin. In the winter I'm ridiculously lazy when it comes to moisturizing - I'm lucky if I can be bothered to use one of those in-shower moisturizers! But I can envision myself breaking out the summer dresses in the near future (weather permitting - fingers crossed!) which means I'll have to slap on some fake tan to prevent people being blinded by my pale limbs and everyone knows the key to a good fake tanning sesh is no dry patches! I love the lotions from VS - they do the job of adding a layer of moisture to my skin but without leaving me feeling all greasy, plus their range of scents are all delicious! This one is really fresh and fruity but not too overpowering - perfect for me!