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My Weekend In Numbers

I was shamelessly stalking through  Jaye's amazing blog (I was having a binge-read all the way back to her posts from 2014 - oops!) and I came across her 'In Numbers' series - she condensed both her day and her holiday into just a series of number and I really loved the idea! 

So I'm taking inspiration from her (this is me stating that this idea in its entirety is Jaye's!) and seeing as it's after 5pm on Sunday and I'm yet to write today's post (the thought of missing the chance to sit and read in the sunshine all afternoon to come inside to write this post was too much - sorry, but better late than never right?!) I thought I'd share my Sunday In Numbers!

60 - minutes I was distracted by social media for after waking up but before getting out of bed on Saturday morning
5 - photos I took of a plate of avo and bacon on toast before I got one I was happy with for this insta (plot twist, this wasn't even my breakfast, it was mum's! The whole avo on toast trend is way over my head, it doesn't taste of anything!)
3 - hours I spent doing a bit of DIY in the form of adding a lock to out back gate - I used an electric drill and everything :P
2 - etsy orders I placed for planner stickers
1 - mcflurry as an after dinner treat
13 - minutes spent doing my hair and makeup
02:34 - the time I got back home after going out for drinks (I know, I actually left the house of an evening, take that social anxiety!)
28 - minutes spent in the shower on Sunday morning
5 - YT videos watched/listened to whilst in the shower
4 - nail polishes I used to paint my nails (trying a french manicure for the first time in forever!) 
1 - cute little ginger kitten who has decided to make the sofa in my grandparents garden his sunbathing spot I met
9 - times I used my 8 hour cream as lip balm
12 - minutes spent ironing
3.5 - hours spent lying on a sun-lounger in the garden reading
1 - walk with my puppy around the lakes

All adding up to make:
1 - happy Bel who's ready to take on next week feeling content after a weekend well spent!


P.S. just as I posted this I was having a read through my Bloglovin' and saw that Jaye had brought back this idea on her blog (great minds, eh?!) and shared her Week In Numbers so go give it a read!