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Insta-Lately // May 2016

It's time to share my past month through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 :)

I spent the May Day Bank Holiday in bed - post night shift! Gotta love any excuse for a duvet day!

The abundance of warm and sunny days we had in May meant I could actually spend time in the garden again - catching up on my magazine outside was lovely!

I caved and bought the Cult Beauty Box from Anna & Lily and I loved everything in it!

Of course I blogged about it in this post ANNA & LILY'S CULT BEAUTY BOX

The best surprise present to come home to is a Lola's cupcake - so darn tasty!

I finally found a yellow raincoat that I adored and I am literally obsessed with it! Any opportunity when there has been springtime showers I have whipping this on and loving it!

Plus I managed to dedicate a whole post to my YELLOW RAINCOAT OF DREAMS!

An OOTD shot is rare on my insta - but I really loved this outfit so why not, eh?! Plus I'm actually wearing heels for a change so that had to be documented :P

Could this be anymore of a instagram cliche? Avo on toast with a side of magazines is a recipe for a perfect Saturday morning!

Little Prin has really been enjoying spending more time outdoors too!

Our wisteria under the veranda in our garden has started to flower this month and it looks so stunning, plus it smells gorgeous too! My mum goes crazy for watching all of the flowers in the garden bloom, I don't really go a bundle on it apart from the forget me nots, wisteria and peonies!

Two things I've been loving in the past week or so - having my nails painted with a french manicure (my nails have never been long enough to look nice like this before!) and this book. Oh this book. It was amazing, I've been raving about it all over twitter - it's incredible! Seriously considering sharing a whole post about it!


So that was May! Is it just me or did this past month, no wait this past half a year (!!) go by insanely fast - as if it's going to be June already next week?!

P.S. have you seen the fancy smancy new scrolling inst-feed at the bottom of my blog? I kinda love seeing all my photos lined up next to each other!