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Currently // 18-4

It's time for this month's currently post! Here we go...

Eating // a mini ice cream sandwich from Ben & Jerry's - the perfect sweet treat for after dinner!

Drinking // diet coke with lots of ice - as per!

Watching // I've not really been watching much netflix lately (shocking, I know!) - instead I've been catching up on a lot of YT and actually watching 'real tv'! Real Housewives of Cheshire & 24 Hours in Police Custody are my current faves!

Listening // Ever since Mcfly announced their tour this year (that I didn't manage to get tickets to - gutted!) I've been listening to all of their songs non-stop! Whenever I'm in the car I put them on shuffle and have a sing-a-long!

Reading // A Court of Mist & Fury by Sarah J Maas. Ever since I read the first book in this series when I was on holiday last summer and fell in love with it entirely - the plot, the characters, everything! It was one of the best books I read last year (which is quite the accolade seeing as I'm such a bookworm!). I was eagerly awaiting the sequel and it has finally been released! I can't believe that it's even possible but I think it's even better than the first book! I adore the plot twist, I think I might be in love with Rhysand and just all of the feels! I love the progression of the characters from the first book, I love the action-packed quest running through it and of course I love the smouldering romance too!

Planning // out how I'm going to tackle my Specialist Portfolio for work. It's the next qualification that I want to complete and now that I'm settled into the shift rota I feel like I can concentrate on it a bit more. After focusing more on learning practical skills for the past couple of years since I started working in the lab I am more than ready to get stuck into learning the in-depth theory behind everything!

Obsessing // aside from the above mentioned book (!!) I've been loving the warmer/sunnier weather we've been having lately (well we have up until today, the weather seems to have turned back to Spring showers again!) - being able to leave my jacket at home and being able to spend afternoons sat in the sunshine in the garden just make me so incredibly happy! 

Smelling // Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay that I've borrowed from my mum - I'm not usually one for fruity scents but I like how this is quite tart for a fruity scent!

Wearing // my yellow raincoat of dreams at every available opportunity (I'm secretly a little bit cheerful that it's drizzle-y today so I have an excuse to wear it!)! 

Wanting // a little bit of a work wardrobe update for Spring/Summer - bring on payday! Oh plus this little bag might be the one to tick the 'new bag' box from this post - a super easy one to throw on and not worry about for the Summer!

Feeling // like I want to start practising meditation again. I feel like I want to become more at peace and relaxed. I found meditation to be so helpful during my exams but since graduating from uni I've not felt the need to work on my mental health until now.

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