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Anna & Lily's Cult Beauty Box

Not gonna lie, this post is somewhat impromptu, I hope you'll forgive me! I had planned for a completely different post to go up today, it was written and scheduled and everything BUT I came home this afternoon to find this little beauty on my doorstep (well the postman didn't just leave it on the doorstep but it sounded nice)! So obviously my posting calendar went completely out the window and I had to share my excitement about this delivery!

As soon as I saw that the fabulous beauty aficionados Anna & Lily were bringing out a Cult Beauty Box (thanks snapchat!) - it was bound to be packed to the brim with amazing beauty products that my interest was piqued before I'd even seen the line up of the contents!

So I signed up to the email list (very clever idea Cult Beauty to stop the mad panic of trying not to miss out in a mass sale!) and enjoyed the painless checkout process once my email came through (whilst sat in my car after finishing my early shift at work - priorities!).

After just about managing to not stalk the poor postman my box finally arrived today (such an inconsiderate time to have a Bank Holiday - delaying my box for a day, how rude!) and I literally rushed out into the garden (my mum was sat out there reading, I don't just open all my packages out in the garden for the fun of it!), plonked myself next to my mum and we tore into the box together!

First off how perfect is the box itself? Marble and gold? All of instagrammable! As expected the products inside look amazing - I can't wait to try them all!

After hearing Lily & Anna rave about the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel it has been on my wishlist for ages, I've just never bit the bullet and splurged on it so I'm so excited to try it out (plus it's full size - yay!). I'm really intrigued with the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist - I'm thinking it'd be fab to use after giving my face a quick wipe over with Bioderma in the morning (yep, all about those extra few minutes in bed!) for that extra hydration to cope with the air conditioning at work! 

I was very pleased to see a Wet Brush in the box - I use one already but I'm very happy to have another that I can save for travelling! I've found the Wet Brush to be a total game-changer in my hair care routine. Because my hair is insanely curly I only tackle de-tangling my hair when it's wet (if I try brushing it out when it's dry I end up with Hermione circa-The Philosophers Stone hair!) and even then it can be a struggle to brush through all of the knots/tangles - but the Wet Brush makes it so much easier - I don't feel like I'm ripping through my hair (I found the Tangle Teezer absolutely awful for this!) and it gets the job done super fast - love it!

Mum was very excited about this box too she has picked a couple of products out as 'hers' already! She 'borrowed' (read: stole away and used every bit of it up!) the tiny sample of the Sunday Riley Luna Oil that was in the Space.NK Box and adored it - she was so upset when it ran out! So she was super happy to see this massive sample (half the full size!) of the Luna Oil in this box - it's already pride of place on her skincare shelf in the bathroom cabinet! Another thing that she has already put in situ is the Jade Facial Roller - it's already sitting in the fridge ready for her to use tomorrow morning!

The final couple of products are make up bits that I'm not usually into but I'm looking forward to trying! I'm really terrible at liquid eyeliner, I can't even get to grips with the felt tip liners! Maybe the Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner will be the game-changer and enable me to finally achieve that perfect feline flick?! I'll report back. The Becca Backlight Priming Filter is something that both mum & I have our eyes on - mum, more so than me, is all about that glow-y makeup look and I'm slowing getting over my matte stage and am having a dabble in glow-inducing beauty bits!

For all of the products you get I think this box is such a bargain at just £85 - I mean the cleanser and oil alone are worth approximately £70 let alone all of the other products in there too! Plus I really appreciate the fact that all the products in the box are ones that both Anna & Lily have raved about for ages - they're ones that they have recommended way before the box was being curated.

Now I'm off to go slather myself in practically everything in this box - I might even give the Jade roller a go too!

I'm not sure how long the boxes will be available so if you *need* one in your life then here's the link :)