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5 Little Pick Me Ups

Everyone has those less than stellar days, those days when you just feel inexplicably 'down' and just a bit 'bleh' about everything and everyone. Or at least I hope that they do because I most definitely do!

When those days come round I like to find little, easy ways to give myself a little pick me up, to cheer me up, to make me smile. Things like these:

BUYING FRESH FLOWERS // I don't make a habit of buying fresh flowers for myself so when I do it's a real treat. The act of actually going out to buy myself fresh flowers is a little luxury and then seeing fresh flowers in my room afterwards just makes me smile.

WRITE IT OUT // whether it be creating a blog post or noting in a bullet journal, writing out your feelings or what's going on in your life really can help you to make sense of how your feeling, to unburden your mind from whatever it is that is causing you to feel a bit rubbish. Afterwards you'll feel much calmer and ready to tackle whatever you've established to be the root cause of your mehhy-ness.

TAKE A BATH // treat yourself to a luxurious bath with all of your favourite products (that lush bath bomb you've been saving because it's to pretty to use, or a dollop of that Laura Mercier honey bath that is so expensive your bank balance cringes everytime you eye it on the side of the bath) and lounge in it guilt-free for as long as it takes until you feel better or until you're all pruney, whichever comes first. Oh, and leave you laptop/phone out of the bathroom - give yourself some time out and allow yourself to focus on yourself.

BUY A NEW BOOK // or a load of new books - I'm definitely of never able to limit myself to buying just one book. I love being able to distract myself from a bit of a rubbish day with a completely different fictional world - I emerge from the book, hours later feeling a bit dazed but definitely less focussed on how rubbish I was feeling before! Plus having a stock pile of new books just makes me feel more at ease - I fear not having a new book to read!

TREAT YOURSELF // whether it be that new pair of shoes that've been sat in your cart on ASOS for ages, a takeaway that you've been fancying all week (mmmm chinese takeout is just the best) or that pint of Ben & Jerrys that's been sat in your freezer calling you! When you feel less than fabulous, you need to give yourself a little treat to make you feel better, no questions asked and no judgement is incurred.