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What I've Been Watching .01

I've been meaning to write a post sharing my netflix picks of the moment for quite a while and today seemed to be a perfect day for it! Seeing as my plans for today include (okay revolve around) staying curled up in bed and binge watching netflix trying to recover from the flu that everyone seems to be suffering with at the moment because I really can't face doing anything else!

Fuller House/Full House // I watched Fuller House the other week and whilst I flew through the series and really enjoyed it I knew I wanted to watch Full House to really understand the characters more - and wow Full House is so much more amazing! I now really understand why everyone has been raving about it forever, it's so funny! Plus John Stamos is just all of the heart eyed emojis. I've been bingewatching this lately and I just love it, it's a good mix of humour (oh Michelle is so funny!) and morals mixed in too. I love the whole Tanner family - they're all so cute!

Once Upon A Time // I started watching OUAT a couple of years ago but didn't really get into it but lately my best friend has been telling me I need to watch it so I gave it another go. I love how cleverly they have mixed in the fairytale and real-life elements of the story - especially how they imagine all of the fairytale characters as 'real' people. I do go through phases with watching this show, I get sucked into the plot for a couple of weeks but then get a bit over it and distracted with another show - I need to make more of an effort to catch up!

Pretty Little Liars // For me, this show is the ultimate binge-watch so. I like saving up all the episodes of a series (well all the episodes until it goes off for its mid-season break, I don't have enough willpower to leave it until the whole of a series has completely finished!) and then having a good binge watch of all the episodes in one go! This show is albeit far-fetched and a little bit crazy at times but oh my goodness it's so darn addictive - there's no other show that I watch that has me so hooked at the end of each episode, or one that keeps me so confused (in the best way!) about which way the plot is going to go - I love it!

Shadowhunters // I loved The Mortal Instruments series of books so was so excited when I saw it was being made into a film but honestly I've never been so disappointed in a movie before, it was rubbish! So when I saw netflix were creating a TV series based on the books I didn't really have very high hopes but thought I'd give it a go anyway. I've been pleasantly surprised by the series - it's infinitely better than the film (obviously not as good as the books but when are TV shows ever better than the books?!). I really appreciate how true to the books in terms of characters and plot lines that the series is - I'm loving it!

The Ranch // Okay, so this is quite cheeky of me to include this seeing as I've literally only just seen this on netflix just before I was about to start typing up this post and I've not even started watching it yet - sorry! But I just know I'm going to love it - a ranch in the south, country music and cowboys? it looks right up my street! I'll let you know how I get on with it but I've got high hopes!

Seeing as netflix-ing is one of favourite hobbies I'm always on the look out for new show to watch - so what've you been watching lately, anything I've got to add to my list?