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Sick Days // Little Things to Make 'em Better

I thought I'd managed to avoid the flu/head cold virus thing that has been doing the rounds since Christmas but no I've not been that lucky!

I could barely drive home after my shift on Saturday morning I was in so much pain in my head/neck/back - I just felt so exhausted and lethargic, it was awful! I got straight into bed when I got home and basically haven't moved for the last four days (and I don't think I'll be doing so in the next few days either!).

My days have mainly consisted of naps interspersed with netflix, hot baths and coughing fits. Oh it has been delightful. So I've been at a loss as to what to post this week on here, I'm afraid todays post is just this cobbled together post about little things that I've been doing to make me feel a little less sorry for myself whilst I'm battling with this flu!

FUZZY SOCKS // is there anything more comforting than wearing fuzzy socks? I think not.

GUILTY PLEASURE TV // I've been passing the time by watching shows that I've seen a million times before and could probably recite from memory - so it doesn't matter if I doze off in the middle of an episode! Gilmore Girls and Gossip Girl have been my faves.

SNUGGLY BLANKETS // this virus has thrown my hypothalamus completely out of whack - one minute I'm hotter than the sun and the next I'm freezing and shivering! Snuggling up in blankets has been completely necessary.

LIP BALM // chapped lips just add insult to injury when you're ill. I've been slathering on vaseline like it's going out of production!

BALM CLEANSERS // as much as I can't be bothered to look after my skin when I'm feeling this ill (too much effort!) having clean and hydrated skin does make me feel a lot less gross and a bit more human!

HOT BATHS // I've found that lying in the bath is a refreshing change from lying in bed - plus I'm passing it off as a medicinal treatment by using this Aromatherapy Associates Lavender and Peppermint bath oil to help with decongestion (it's a delightful illness, really!).

So that's what's getting me through this flu at the moment - apologies for the not very exciting posts this week but I'm just feeling so rubbish!