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Insta-Lately // April 2016

It's time to round up the month of April through the medium of my instagram feed - if you fancy following along then my insta is @belsmay13 (I'm really trying hard with my feed at the moment in the hope of improving my insta game so any feedback (or likes/follows :P) would be greatly appreciated!) 

(currently out out of production but this is Hannah's blog to keep tabs on!)

I have been living in this sweatshirt - sorry I'm not sorry! It's so comfy and cosy - I love it! First thing I do when I get home from a day shift at work is change into this and some of my JW sweatpants - all of the comfort!

My version of a wild Friday night: netflix and popcorn *insert crying with laughter emoji*

I also posted about THE SHOWS I'M CURRENTLY BINGE-WATCHING in this post if you fancy a nosy!

I spent my week of annual leave in April stuck in bed with the flu - these bits and bobs managed to get me through!

How instagram-able was this coffee that my mum had? I love it!

So happy with how this blog post photo turned out - it was for my FIVE STEPS FOR A BETTER NIGHTS SLEEP post 

I did a massive overhaul/clearout of my wardrobes the other week! The whole take everything out of the closet and physically look at each item malarky - jeez it was a big undertaking! I'm so glad I've done it though, it has made me feel so much less cluttered and stressed. I didn't even realise that the complete mess that my clothes were in before was causing me such subconscious stress!

I'm just so happy at how my little blog is looking at the moment - I'm so proud of the photography and posts that I've been putting up since the start of the year (but especially this past month!). I've loved putting the work in and making my little space something that I'm truly happy with :)

Barry M sucked me in again with their latest release - coconut water infused nail polishes. I love the range of nudes in this collection (perfect for work!) and I had to get the blue because this type of blue is my go-to colour (I literally have a million different polishes in a similar shade but I just can't help picking up more!). 

MONOGRAM PRINT // CUSHION (this exact one isn't available anymore, but this one is similar!)

I re-decorated my room this month - I just painted the same colour I had before because I loved it so much when I did a massive overhaul of my room a couple of years ago (I posted about my inspiration for that here). We did struggle a little because the paint I'd used had been discontinued so we had to go through the palaver of getting it colour matched! But they did a great job because it now looks exactly as it did before, just a bit fresher and cleaner!

NOTEBOOK (a gift, but I love this one too!) // PEN

I'm a sucker for a cute notebook and am an avid list-maker so this little book was right up my street! Plus these muji gel pens are incredible - they make my handwriting looks amazing! If only I could use them to write on my glossy stickers in my planner...they might just be the things that convert me to matte sticker paper!

So that was April - it honestly went by so quickly! I was shocked when I looked at my calendar when I was planning out posts for this week to see that it was so close to the end of the month already! But then again, every month that passes means we are a month closer to summer, yay!