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Favourites // April 2016

It's favourites times again - already, how has this happened?!

April was such a quiet month (not that I'm complaining!). I spent the majority of the month working (the middle of the month brought with it the milestone of me being on the main shift rota for a whole rotation!) and spent my week of annual leave in bed with the flu - not very fun! I did manage to give my room a bit of a refresh by giving it a fresh coat of paint. Another notable thing that happened was the fact that I managed to muster up the confidence to join in with my first bloggy twitter chat thanks to The Girl Gang! It was so much fun, I'm definitely going to try to join in with more now!

So onto my favourites:

CLARINS HAND & NAIL TREATMENT CREAM // my hands have been ridiculously dry lately - I'm blaming it on the crazy weather we're having this month (it was snowing today - I mean come on, it was 'driving with the windows down and sunnies on' weather yesterday!). But this stuff is seriously fab - it sinks in super fast (not like the hand cream I have in my labcoat at work - it takes ages to soak it which makes it just the teensiest bit impractical but it smells lovely so there's the silver lining, haha!) but is so moisturizing. I've been applying it every night before bed (so it can soak in whilst I do my last social media check of the day :P) and my hands have been feeling far less dry and scaly (ewwwww) than before!

BARRY M COCONUT INFUSION NAIL POLISH // would it be one of my favourite posts without a nail polish? I think not! As always, a new collection from Barry M meant an immediate trip to my local Boots to have a nosy and pick up a couple of shades. What I really like about this collection is the inclusion of a few nude shades - I'm a sucker for any nail polish that's in a work-acceptable shade! These two are Skinny Dip & Starfish fyi.

THE DURRELLS // I love a good Sunday night drama programme on the telly. There's been a lack of good Sunday night viewing (post-countryfile obvs - I lead such an exciting life haha!) for a while (honestly still mourning the loss of Downton and awaiting the return of Poldark) but I love this tv show! It's set in 1935 and centres around a mother uprooting her family from England to Corfu - it's hilariously charming and just so cute. I'm completely unashamed to admit that our Sunday night highlight is sitting down to watch the latest episode!

REBECCA MINKOFF MINI CROSBY // I've recently started using this bag again and I've been loving it! Rebecca Minkoff crossbody bags have become my go-to over the last year or so - I find them perfect because they fit all my necessities in but don't let me stuff my bag full of stuff I need (like I'm prone to do!). I have it in the putty colour - the perfect neutral (so it goes with everything) but it's light enough to be spring-like. I'm just obsessed! I can't seem to find the crosby online but I may or may not have my eye on this little one too!

So this post and my insta-lately post have rounded up my April nicely!