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Currently // 17-4

It's time for another currently post already! Lets go...

Eating // As I'm writing up this post, snuggled under my duvet in bed (of course), I'm munching on the new McVitie's digestive biscuit double chocolate nibbles. Oh wow, these tiny nuggets of digestive biscuits covered in both milk chocolate and dark chocolate are delicious! Plus they are pretty darn moreish - not sure this bag is going to last me writing this post tbh...

Drinking // a massive mason jar filled with ice and topped off with diet coke. The only thing that would quench my thirst tonight!

Watching // I've been getting caught up with The Vampire Diaries - I had all of seasons 4-6 to get through! I fall in and out of love with this show but I'm loving it at the moment!

Listening // As I was driving home after my shift this evening - I had my sunnies on, the windows down and I was having a listen of The Vamps. I feel a smidge too old to be listening to them but their songs are perfect driving tunes - catchy and easy to sing along to!

Reading // Remembrance by Meg Cabot. Oh this book is bringing back all the memories of tween me! When I was 11-ish I was obsessed with Meg Cabot's books, I progressed from Jacqueline Wilson onto her novels and just went crazy for them, I had to read them all! I love how she has been releasing more books in her most popular series but years later in the characters stories. Princess Mia got married and now Suze is back kicking ghostly butt whilst having graduated college and getting engaged to Jesse! I am loving re-visiting my favourite series again!

Planning // out in my ECLP what I want to get done in the upcoming week. It's coming up to a year since I got obsessed with the whole sticker-planning trend and it's still going strong!

Obsessing // over how amazing my room looks! I've had such a struggle in the last couple of days (real first world problems) because I wanted to freshen up my room by re-painting it exactly the same colour it has been for the last couple of years but when I went to pick up another tin of it I discovered they'd stopped making it! Who knew I'd turn into the sort of person that gets stressed out over paint colour?! Anyway, Ma saved the day by getting the exact colour mixed for me and I came home from my 12 hour shift today to a freshly painted room! How lucky am I?!

Smelling // Diptique Baies - so fresh and clean, it's the perfect barely there but still a little something in the air scent.

Wearing // now that the weather has become a bit more spring-like (ignoring the fact that it was snowing yesterday...!) I've finally gotten to wear these rose-gold capped trainers from this post! I've been patiently waiting to wear them since I bought them way back in January and I seriously adore them!

Wanting // a new bag. I realised I haven't bought a bag since this one back in October! As a bag-addict this is pretty good going for me! With Spring in the air I'm itching to add a new bag to my collection - Rebecca Minkoff via Shopbop, I'm coming for ya!

Feeling // oh so sleepy! I was up at 4:30 this morning to get to work for 6am - and a super busy shift has tired me out, and it's not even late!