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10 Happy Things This Week

I've been feeling a little down over the last couple of days - I think it's because I've spent the last week stuck in bed (I literally haven't left the house all week!) with flu which has left me feeling a bit sorry for myself! So I thought that focusing on the happier things that have happened this week might make me feel better and cheer me up a little.

  1. Waking up to sunshine streaming through the windows whilst still being snuggled in bed has started ever day this week in such a positive way
  2. I've spent week of illness catching up on my netflix list - I've managed to finally catch up with PLL, finish Full House and make a good dent into the last two seasons of TVD that I've been meaning to watch for ages! Yay for proudctivity!
  3. The fact that we've reached that amazing time of the year when every day there's a few more minutes day time before it goes dark - honestly knowing that summer is just hiding around the corner is cheering me up immensely
  4. Ice lollies - is there anything more soothing for a sore throat than an ice lolly?
  5. Fresh bedding and pjs - I don't really want to admit to how many times I've changed my bed linen this week, it's the little things to just make you feel a bit better when you're feeling poorly
  6. Copious amounts of hot tea in my favourite mugs - ultimate comforting
  7. Online shopping. Need I say more?
  8. Being able to nap guilt-free in the middle of the day all in the name of wanting to feel better
  9. Easter chocolate - one of my better ideas this week was picking up some mini eggs on the way home from work when I was feeling like death warmed up!
  10. Having 'me' time - I know that having basically no social interaction this week has led me to being a tad stir crazy and lonely but it has still been nice to just exist as just me, I've not had to make conversation with anyone, I've not had to worry about talking to anyone, I been able to just bob along merrily as a party of one.