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UK Etsy Planner Sticker Shops - Part 2

I'm still really into using stickers to decorate plan (!!) in my ECLP so I thought that for todays post I'd share the second installment of my favourite UK Etsy Planner Sticker Shops, if you want to read the first four shops I shared last month then check out this post!

So here are another four of the UK-based shops that I've ordered from (and will continue to do so!)

STICKER SUNSHINE // I love Beth's shop for weekly kits - all of her designs are so original, the clip art and the colour schemes are really unique! Plus she has such a wide variety of kits, so if you like doing a different theme each week in your planner without being tied to the ECLP monthly colours then this shop is for you! All of Beth's stickers are matte - but the fact that I continue to order her kits is testament to how much I like them considering that I'm normally a strictly #teamglossy sticker user! Plus I really appreciate how reasonably priced the kits from this shop are - 5 sheets for under £10 is such a steal!

photo featuring: limited edition 'Tiffany' collection

PLAN WITH JADE // Plan with Jade is another UK etsy shop that sells matte stickers - I really appreciate how vibrant the colours appear on her paper, I think the reason that I don't gravitate towards matte stickers very often is because of how sometimes the colour pay off on matte paper just isn't as bright compared to glossy paper but this shop manages to avoid this issue! Talking of colours - I love the selection of colours Jade offers her functional/icon stickers in - they're all really bright but aren't based on the ECLP monthly colours yet they still compliment them - meaning they can be used in basically any spread you fancied! Price-wise this shop is really reasonably priced - entire kits 6 sheets for £7.50 - definitely enough to do the basis of a no white space design! And as if the price wasn't good enough on it's own Jade shares discount codes often over on her instagram so her kits end up even cheaper!

THE PLUMP PLANNER // I really love how original Karen's stickers are! She offers such a wide variety of unique and original sickers - for example I love these feeling prickly stickers so unusual (and these I can't adult today ones - ones I could definitely make use of!)! Plus you get an absolute tonne of stickers per listing - I'm talking at least 20 stickers, but up to 99 stickers! Absolute amazing value that makes planning that little more friendly on your bank balance! I love how I bought the London theme decorative stickers for when we went in February but I've still got lots left to use to decorate for the next time we go! Another great thing about TPP is the fact that her stickers can be used in basically any planner - (apart from the kits) they aren't sized specifically for the ECLP - so if you plan in multiple planners (like and ECLP and a Kikki K too!) then you can easily use the same stickers in both planners! 

photo featuring: online order trackers, annual leave stickers, shift work stickers, london theme stickers

OODLEMADOODLES // This shop is pretty new to me - but one I can't wait to order from again because I love their stickers! I really really love the fact that Grace offers a glossy paper - automatically a new favourite shop because of this alone! I really like the selection of colours Grace uses for her functional stickers - a really wide variety of colours that will match with loads of different spreads! My absolute favourite stickers from this shop are the tweet trackers - they're so helpful to remind me to schedule my tweets for blog promo! At the moment I only have functional stickers but I definitely have my eye on some of her weekly kits - they're sold pretty much a la carte, you can just order exactly what you want/need to plan with - I really like this aspect! 


So there are another four UK-based etsy planner sticker shops that I'm loving ordering from, if you have some other fave UK shops then please leave the link in the comments - I'm always looking for new shops to discover!


*Please note that all of the stickers featured in this post were not sent to me for free to review/share - they were all purchased with my own money. And yes my bank balance is a little annoyed with me :P*