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Share The Love // March 2016

This month went by ridiculously fast, don't you think? I can't believe it's already time to share my fave posts that I found in my Bloglovin' feed this past month!

  • I definitely bookmarked these 20 Spring blog post ideas from Lauren!
  • Buying a 'proper' blogging camera is definitely on my to do list but I feel so overwhelmed when I look at camera specs online but this post from Kate has really helped simplify things and help me make some decisions!
  • I'm neither a morning shake or morning coffee person but this recipe from Frannie may have changed my mind! I'm thinking on a spring morning this will be so tasty!
  • I think it's so important to take joy from the little things in day to day life - I really enjoyed reading this post from Jaye about the things she loves
  • I've had some serious wanderlust this past month and these posts have been helping fuel it (!!): Kate went to Anitgua, Lily went to Disneyland Paris (I need to go now!), Carly went to Tampa and Samantha went to Argentina!
  • One of my goals to finish off my room is to finally create a gallery wall (I know, how late to the game am I?!) and this post is definitely going to help!
  • Like every other blogger (and probably their mother :P) I'm obsessed with all things marble (no shame!) and since reading Amy's collection of all things marble I've added more things to my wishlists!
  • I love a good night in home alone (sorry not sorry - I'm such a hermit!) and these tips from Hannah are fab for the perfect night in!
  • Homeware wishlists have become some of my fave posts to read - and this one from Bethany is a good 'un! That marble phone though...
  • Emma's post on things she's trying to get better at really resonated with me - it has inspired me to start trying to make little changes to tackle my bad habits!
  • *bonues mention* I couldn't not include my fave blogger bestie - Aftab from Fresh & Fearless because he has written a slew of amazing content this month that I've loved reading - go check his blog out! 

Please note this is an incredibly narrowed down list - there were so many awesome posts that I read this past month that I wish I could include them all! As you can see I might have sort of 'cheated' a little and sort of collated my fave posts into categories so I ended up sharing a few more posts - you're welcome!

What were your favourite posts that you read/wrote this past month? Leave me links in below please!