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Restaurant Review // The Yard - Alderley Edge

I love a good brunch. The whole institution of brunching that has become oh so trendy over the last couple of years is one that I can really get behind. 

What's more luxurious than taking a few hours out of your morning to swap a hurriedly snatched piece of toast as you run out of the door before work, or a lack-lustre bowl of porridge that no matter how hard you try just won't look as instagram-able as you'd like; for a deliciously fancy breakfast cooked for you as you sit with your loved ones and catch up over steaming cups of coffee (or tea if you're like me!) 

I think it really is the best way to start your day and wile away a few hours in the morning! Seriously, there are few things that get me out of bed without a whisper of complaining than the promise of brunch!

Now, living in the countryside is something that I'm so thankful for in most instances - until it comes to brunching. There is a disappointing lack of good brunch spots in my local area! All of you city dwellers (especially you Londoners!) don't know how good you've got it with a wide variety of brunchable places on your doorsteps! So, whenever I hear about a new restaurant offering brunch in my local area I make a mental note to try it. 

This week (whilst I was off work!) I decided that Ma and I should knock The Yard off my brunching list - so we did, and I thought sharing our experience (and this gem of a brunch place!) would make the perfect post for today! After all, Sundays are the ultimate brunch day, aren't they?!

The Yard in Alderley Edge (hello footballers everywhere!) is an instagrammers dream - everything is very 'on trend' - there's lots of white, raw wood, fresh flowers, metal cages, twinkly light - serious aesthetic goals (is goals still a thing?!). 

Ma and I really lucked out as we wandered in on a Friday morning at around 10 am without a reservation and were welcomed and seated straight away - but in the next half hour or so the whole place really filled up and was buzzing (a nice mix of yummy mummys, loved up couples and business people - perfect people watching!) - I'd definitely recommend making a reservation if you were planning to go on the weekend, I presume you'd be waiting a little bit for a table if not! 

Mind you, there is a lovely shop tucked away next to the cafe filled with homewares, clothes, books, stationery, crystals, beauty bits and food all in keeping with the ethical and mindful living approach that The Yard encompasses in the cafe - so a mooch round the shop would definitely pass the time whilst waiting for a  table to free up, I promise that the cafe would be worth the wait!

Seated and settled we ordered drinks as we perused the menu - Ma went for a standard Americano coffee (her usual!) which she assured me was deliciously strong! Obviously I ordered English Breakfast tea and was pleasantly surprised when it was brought out in this tea pot with fresh tea leaves - honestly I can't tell you how much nicer tea is when it's not from a tea bag!

We eventually made our minds up what to order - although the menu at The Yard is concise it's packed full of simple homely dishes that are healthy and made from fresh, organic and locally sourced produce - it's bound to taste good when this much care is put into sourcing ingredients and creating a menu!

We set about sipping out drinks and enjoying the bustling yet calming atmosphere of the cafe - we watched the chefs in the open kitchen preparing food, chatted about how pretty the decor inside the cafe was (I mean can I just move in already?!) and commented on how lovely it would to sit outside for breakfast in the summer in the garden at The Yard. There was a little wait that was longer than we were anticipating for our food to arrive but the cafe had started to fill up and understandably the staff were very busy - but Ma and I were perfectly happy to chill out and pass the time people watching! Plus, brunch isn't supposed to be rushed is it?

I went for my go-to breakfast order scrambled eggs on toast - it's a rather boring classic perhaps, but it is my favourite so I just can't help myself! You can have eggs any way you'd like but I'd definitely recommend the scrambled - I've no idea what the chefs added to them but they were so flavourful and delicious! 

Ma went for avocado and poached egg on toast (not going to lie, she really had her eye on the porridge and fresh fruit considering she's diabetic and it's usually hard to find healthy porridge with no artificial sugar additions in a restaurant - but thanks to The Yard's healthy approach to food she could've enjoyed porridge without worry! But I persuaded her to go for the avocado toast for the insta of course!). Sadly her eggs were lacking that delicious runny yolk we were expecting (and I was ready with my camera to capture!) but Ma really enjoyed her breakfast whether or not! 

Poor Ma has been suffering with flu for the last couple of weeks so when we spotted this Cold and Flu Remedy Elixir on the menu we knew she had to give it a go. 

The elixirs that The Yard sell (and you can buy them in the shop too!) are part of the massive juice bar selection that are on offer and are unique combinations of herbs that The Yard's herbalist concocts. Ma's was packed full of echinacea and lots of other goodness that really pepped her up! An hour or so late she was feeling a lot better - whether it was a placebo effect I can't say but as long as she was feeling better, what does it matter?! The point is, if health food, nutrition and juicing is right up your street (unlike me, I barely know my wheatgrass from my macha powder!) the The Yard is definitely a place for you to check out!

We finished off our breakfast feeling incredibly refreshed and relaxed, with ideas of summer holiday plans mulling around our heads thanks to the fabulous selection of summery bohemian clothes for sale at the back of the cafe - definitely fashion inspiration to take a trip to India or the Maldives!

So thank you very much The Yard for bringing a fabulous independent healthy brunch spot to Cheshire - we had a lovely time and we'll definitely be back for another fix of natural, fresh, mindful deliciousness! 


*Please note that we went to The Yard entirely of our own accord, I wasn't asked to write this review (I just really wanted to share our experience!) nor was I compensated in any way.*