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Four Foundation Favourites

Today's post is another super quick one - that's what being on a week of 9-5:30 shift does to my blogging time! 

But anyway, I thought I'd write a beauty-ish post today - in the same vein as this post I'm sharing my four most favourite foundations.

Every beauty lover has a favourite product - one that they hoard for no particular reason but they just can't help it! 

For some people it's lipstick, they obsessively collect every shade of the 'your lips but better' shade that they can find. 

For me, I'm forever searching for the base that will give me the appearance of flawless skin but (and this is a deal-breaker!) without making me look every so slightly oompa loompa-esque! Because I'm so very pale (snow white has more colour than me in the winter!) I struggle to find foundation shades that match me perfectly but after an extensive search I've managed to find a few that don't look too far off my natural skin tone but also give me pretty amazing coverage. So, onto my four foundation favourites:

The Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation is the best shade match I've ever found - it's perfect for my uber pale skin! It gives surprisingly good coverage considering how light it feels on the skin. Definitely a foundation that you can wear on an every day basis! This foundation is the one of two (spoiler alert the other is also included in this post!) that I've repurchased 3 times! I can never be without a bottle of this in my stash - it's just too easy to wear!

The DiorSkin Star foundation is another easy one to wear - it makes my skin look just the right amount of glowy whilst avoiding the whole oil slick look! This one has amazingly buildable coverage (better than the UD I must admit!) which does make it slightly heavier to wear on the skin than the Naked Skin (as to be expected really!) but nothing that would stop me wearing this one for a whole day! I particularly like this one for the winter - I find it keeps my skin feeling quite moisturised throughout the day and it doesn't cling to any dry patches that pesky cold weather may have caused!

Ahh the Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation - my holy grail. The product that I've found leaves my skin looking the best it can do. Amazing coverage (what blemishes? where have those pesky red undertones gone?), it last all day (and all night long!) and the colour stays pretty true all day - yay for no oxidising! If my skin is feeling incredibly bleh this is the foundation that I reach for - it really is prefect skin in a tube! This is the other foundation I've repurchased many times - and one I will continue to do so! I really love Laura Mercier foundation offerings (and the tinted moisturiser - perfect to wear on a night shift!) I've definitely got my eye on their newest release - the candleglow!

My final favourite is the newest foundation to my collection - Too Faced Born This Way. Boy was this difficult to get my hands on - after being sold out everywhere pretty much since it's launch for a good few months after I was chomping at the bit to give it a try! I finally managed to get my mitts on it a couple of months ago and I have to say I can see why everyone raves about it! I will admit though, when I first apply this I really don't like it, it seems to sit on the skin looking a bit unnatural but give it a couple of hours to let it sink in and it looks amazing! Seriously flawless coverage - it hides more imperfections than any of the others I included in this post! The only kinda of thing holding this back from being my absolute favourite foundation is the fact that their palest offering is still a smidge too dark for me. Well at least at the moment, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the summer (when/if we finally get some sun in England!) that it'll end up matching my skin tone a bit better!

As a self-confessed foundation junkie I'm always on the hunt for a new foundation so please let me know your favourites! Particularly if you're a bit casper-y like I am!