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Favourites // March 2016

I honestly think that March has gone by faster than the other two months this year so far - it's crazy! I swear it was only last week that I was sharing my February favourites

I really can't recall anything particularly fabulous that happened in March (because it went by so darn fast!) but I did have a week of annual leave to take which I spent at home but we managed to fit in an IKEA trip (I now want to completely redecorate every room in my house!), we tried out Pizza Express for the first time as one just opened near us (finally!) and also we popped out to try a new place for brunch - that you can read all about in this post (sorry for the plug!). Aside from that there was just a lot of working - which I kinda love actually! Ooh, and I finally perfected my american-ish style pancake making (thank you new pancake maker!) so I've been indulging in pancake breakfasts pretty much every weekend!

Anyway, onto my random collection of favourite things from March - 

SLOGAN SWEATSHIRT // okay so yes this sweatshirt says BLOGGER on it - how could I resist?! I grabbed one of Hannah Gale's sweatshirts on the last day she was selling them and oh wow - all of the comfy and snuggly! I love it and am eagerly awaiting her starting to sell them again because I need more in my life!

PALM PRINT CUSHION // I posted earlier on in the month a round up of some of the homeware bits I had my eye on (you can read the post here if you fancy!) and promptly after pressing publish I bought all of the cushion covers from H&M (well not all, more like five but that's still quite a lot to pick up in one go!)! I love them all, I was a bit bored with my other cushions so this little easy fix has given my room a fresh update!

KINDER BUENO // how have I can through my life not having a kinder bueno until this month? I'm at a loss! They're just so darn tasty, chocolatey but with a good crunch to them too - I can sense a new obsession coming on!

BUTTER LONDON 'KIP' // I was perusing the M&S beauty section with Mum - I was supposed to be looking for a blush from the new Rosie Huntington-Whiteley collection but of course I got distracted by the nail polishes - oops! - and I couldn't leave without this gorgeous blue/grey shade! It's a fairly neutral blue that I could probably just about get away with for work - yay!

BARRY M 'BUG A BLUE' // I'm a sucker for blue polishes - the majority of my nail polish collection is so many different shades of blue so I definitely don't need any more but I just can't help myself! This shade is a beautiful bright sky blue colour - so pretty! Now someone please remind me - no more blue nail polishes!

THE YOUNG ELITES BY MARIE LU // I've had this book downloaded in my kindle library for such a long time but just never reached for it - there was always another book that I wanted to read more than this - but I was at work at the start of this month and had no other new books on my kindle so I decided to give this a go. I'm so annoyed at myself for putting off reading this book for so long because it's awesome! It's not exactly dysoptian - more dark fantasy with a touch of magic thrown in. This book is set post a blood fever epidemic that has left some of the child survivors with magic abilities and follows one of these children, Adenlina. The book practically starts murdering her father (although he really was a nasty piece of work so I don't hold that against her!) and being saved from execution by the really complex villain of the story by The Young Elites (a group of people with similar special abilities as Adelina. The leader of The Young Elites ends up being Adelina's love interest that just ticks over as the story progresses but remains the back story (I hate when a romance takes over a fantasy novel!). The story explores Adelina's choice of who is the real enemy, the villain or the love interest. It's a pretty complex plot that I'm really struggling to explain but basically go read it because it's awesome and so original! What I really like about this book is how complex Adelina is - she's someone trying to do things for the right reasons but she has such a dark side to her thanks to her special abilites that the blood fever left her with you never really know what she will do next - I love how it kept me turning the pages to see which side of her would win out in the end! I think it's testament to how good this book is that as soon as I'd finished it I bought and downloaded the next book in the series and immediately started reading it (and it's possibly even better than the first book!).

FULL HOUSE // In a bid to replace my dear NCIS (that I'm still sad about finishing in February!) as the series that I binge-watch on netflix I decided to start Full House. I watched Fuller House and really enjoyed it but felt kind of out of the loop in regards to some of the jokes/characters having never watched Full House so the obvious next step was to go back and watch Full House. Oh my gosh I love it! It's so funny and easy to watch plus I'm literally in love with Uncle Jesse - he's just so darn sweet! I've breezed through the episodes and am already on season 5 (oops!) so that shows how much I'm obsessed!

So that was my March all nicely rounded up :)