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Currently // 15-3

yes, this is my view currently - Little Prin really wants to help me write this post!

It's time for another 'currently' post - so here's what I'm loving at the moment :)

Eating // I cooked (yes I actually cooked a meal from scratch - I'm really not that great (massive understatement) at cooking but it's something that I really want to improve on!) dinner for mum last night (we're on leftovers tonight - portion control is a skill I'm yet to master!) - we had this Bacon Ranch Chicken Bake. It was ridiculously easy to make (hello, I managed it!) but so tasty! I might actually try to keep giving this cooking thing a go - this recipe will be the next one I try, wish me luck!

Drinking // my nightly pre-bed cup of tea (english breakfast of course)

Watching // seeing that I managed to completely catch up with all of the series available on netflix of my beloved NCIS (sob) I've had to find something else to binge watch - I gave Fuller House a go and watched the whole series which I really enjoyed but having never watched Full House I was a bit lost at some of the jokes/everyones backstory - so of course I started Full House - and I love it! Uncle Jesse circa 1987 is all of the heart eyed emojis to me!

Listening // to Little Prin squeaking the life out of one of her toys at the bottom of my bed because I'm ignoring her whilst writing this!

Reading // Last week at work during my breaks I read The Young Elites by Marie Lu - I loved it so much - it has such an interesting and original plot that had me hooked right from the beginning! I've not really been into many dystopian books released lately but this one is just too good to pass up! I may have finished it and then promptly bought the next instalment in the series to carry on reading!

Planning // how to make the most of the rest of my week off this week - lunch at the new pizza express that opened in town recently was yesterdays activity, a trip to ikea is on the cards for today and I'm thinking a trip out for brunch may happen on Friday (a potential review maybe? But no promises :P). I love packing my annual leave full of fun things - I don't want to go back to work feeling like I wasted my freedom!

Obsessing // over my new bed! Over the last few months I was finding myself waking up with back and neck ache and my old bed had started to get really uncomfortable (not what I need for shift work!) so I decided to bite the bullet and buy myself a new bed! And I love it! It really feels like a hotel room bed - it's amazing! Such an adult-y thing to be obsessing over but hey, what can I say - I spend a lot of time in bed, I want to be comfy!

Smelling // An old favourite - my Flannel Bath & Body Works candle - it smells like a delicious man's aftershave which I don't hate my room smelling of :P

Wearing // this sleep tee that I said I wanted in my last 'currently' post! (which you can read here if you don't mind this sneaky little plug!)

Wanting // a couple more prints to add to my room - I finally found some frames I liked so now I just need to fill them! To the Lily Rose Co print selection I go!

Feeling // beyond happy that it's starting to look a little less winter-like here in England - albeit it's not completely spring-like yet, there's still quite the chill in the air! But, the last few days have been gloriously dry and sunny - it has put me in a better mood I'm sure!