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10 homeware buys to update your room

A couple of years ago I completely overhauled my room: a paint colour change, new furniture, the lot (I even posted about it here!)! I still really love the overall look of my room - it's very simplistic and modern-y, everything is white or grey - I wanted my space to be fresh and clean but still with a bit of personality - I didn't want to feel like I was living in a hotel room! But lately I've found myself wanting to spruce up my room just a little - a new throw for my bed, some new decor pieces here and there, you know that feeling I'm sure!

So I've been perusing the interwebs for some new homeware bits and bobs to update my room, give it a little refresh really easily whilst still retaining the general feel. Luckily the whole minimalistic/monochrome style of home decor is really in at the moment so there's lots of inspiration and a tonne of homeware pieces to buy! Talking of inspiration - I've definitely drawn from the blogger trend of adding metallic elements into my room (specifically copper - I don't care how much of a blogger cliche that makes me! Especially when its paired with marble - oooooh!) when looking for new homeware bits - I completely blame the cage lamp that I impulse-bought a couple of months ago (you can see it in this post) - I just love how it looks with the grey/white of the rest of my room!

Now I couldn't go crazy adding to my homeware wishlists without sharing my finds on here could I? The general gist of the pieces that I'm sharing and what I'm loving at the moment is all of the grey/white, a sprinkle of copper and a little marble never hurt anyone! I've discovered so many amazing finds from H&M home (a goldmine of trendy homeware for the high street for sure!) - especially their cushions I need them all!, a few storage bits from paperchase (who knew!) and even George at Asda - they've really stepped up their homeware game and there are some really cute pieces on there!

Well once I've checked out of all these sites that'll be my room all updated decor wise - now there's just that gallery wall to start curating seeing as I've been meaning to get around to it for about a year now! Any suggestions for cute art prints to get me started? Let me know in the comments please!