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UK Etsy Planner Sticker Shops - Part 1

It's time for another planner-y post on the blog today! 

I've been thoroughly obsessed with the whole "decorating your planner with stickers" trend for about a year now. When I first started "planning" I found that there was an abundance of US-based etsy shops devoted to selling planner stickers (so much so that my postman now doesn't even bat an eyelid when I receive a handful of envelopes from the US every so often!) but really not very many UK based ones - which was very upsetting because shipping from the US is a little hard to stomach!

Anyway, in the last few months there seems to be loads more UK sticker shops that have sprung up - now I don't if this is because I've just made more of an effort to search for UK sellers to support or if a lot people in the UK have started creating their own stickers - either was it's fabulous because the shipping is so much faster and makes my sticker obsession that little bit cheaper!

So in the spirit of sharing I thought I'd post about my most favourite UK etsy planner sticker shops, some of which are old favourites and some are new discoveries!

ELLIEBETH DESIGNS UK // Rachel's shop was the first UK-based sticker shop that I discovered and I've been a loyal purchaser ever since! The monthly kits are the basis for every single spread in my planner - they're amazing! Honestly I think that this shop is an amazing go-to for all of your sticker needs: the functional stickers are great, the weekly kits are so cute but the monthly kits are the stand out stickers for me - I love how you can pick and mix stickers to create the perfect spreads! Plus Rachel offers three (yes three!) different types of sticker paper (glossy vinyl, matte vinyl or matte re-positionable) so you can find your perfect match - I'm #teamglossy all the way! Also, there's the EBDUK facebook group you can join for some fab inspiration and conversation (and enabling!) - especially on the first Wednesday of each month for #whatsnewwednesday (when Rachel drops her new designs - all of the pretty guaranteed!) 

photo featuring: February monthly kit 

THE HUMMINGBIRD PLANNER // When I first received my Erin Condren planner I wanted to find a seller of MDN headers that would make it cost effective because getting such a lot of stickers shipped from the US each month would be quite an expense! Enter the hummingbird planner shop! They have a massive colour selection of glossy (yes!) header stickers that are customisable (a real game changer!) that I use in every single one of my spreads! I've also been using a load of their icon stickers to create my 'little things' sections each day - such a cost-effective way of planning! They do also have kits for sale which I'm yet to try but have my eye on! Plus Emily offers a load of her stickers as printable files so if printable stickers are your thing then she has you covered!

photo featuring: birthday cake boxes, TV boxescustomisable headers - all in the bright colour scheme, a pastel colour scheme is also available

EMILY MORELLO // This shop is a pretty recent discovery for me but I am so glad I stumbled across it! Emily's stickers are so unique and very American-y in terms of her sticker designs - they're stunning! I try to limit myself to buying one weekly kit each month (otherwise I would be bankrupt buying a new set of stickers for each week - my monthly kit covers the other weeks in the month!) and I love Emily's weekly kits - plus they're glossy so I'm extra happy! If you want some seriously pretty weekly kits then check out this shop! Additionally, Emily also offers her kits for MAMBI planners, not just ECLPs - so if you're a MAMBI user then these are the kits for you!

photo featuring: foxy floral weekly kit

MICHELLE & PATCH // If hand drawn stickers are your thing then you need to check out Michelle & Patch. Honestly the talent that goes into creating these stickers astounds me! All of her stickers are so unusual - I've not found any like it! They add such a cute and fun decorative element to a really functional spread. They're just so pretty - which means I'm always "saving" them - what I'm saving them for I don't know but they do fall into that "too pretty" to use category (like the stack of empty gold/kraft paper notebooks I keep on my desk)!


I've just realised that this post is already quite long and wordy - sorry about that! And I've still got some more shops to share so I thought I'd stop this post here, put a pin it if you will, and then I'll be back with part two of my favourite UK etsy planner sticker shops next time I write a planner-y post!

Hope you all enjoyed this post and for all of the planner addicts reading this, I hope you've discovered some new etsy shops to order from!


*Please note that all of the stickers featured in this post were not sent to me for free to review/share - they were all purchased with my own money. And yes my bank balance is a little annoyed with me :P*