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Makeup for the Weekend

When it's the weekend (and pretty much every day during the working week too!) I'm all about quick and easy makeup that makes me look presentable to the outside world (the world does not need to be witness to my naked face!) so I thought I'd share the products that I reach for on the weekend.

I think that everyone has that one piece of makeup that they hoard, for some people it's lipsticks (where they have approximately a million shades of that "your lips but better" colour!) but for me it's foundation! Hi I'm Belle and I'm a foundation junkie! Making sure that I have a base that's as flawless as it can be is my number one priority when I'm doing my makeup so I have an embarrassingly large collection of foundations to help me achieve that! My current go-to base-wise is the newest addition to my foundation stash, the TOO FACED BORN THIS WAY FOUNDATION - and boy was this difficult to get my hands on (which of course made me want it even more)! The colour is a smidge too dark for me (I mean pale ghost problems - pretty much every foundation is too dark for me!) but I can just about make it work - but the coverage is great, full coverage without it feeling cakey and gross, plus it lasts all day without slipping/sliding everywhere. A win I think! 

To deal with the dark circles that seem to have appeared since I started shift work (and the inevitable occasional blemish that refuses to be covered by my foundation) I pop on a bit of the URBAN DECAY NAKED SKIN CONCEALER - the ultimate concealer in my eyes, I love this stuff! 

To finish off my base I've been reaching for the HOURGLASS AMBIENT LIGHTING POWDER in Diffused Light that I "borrowed" from my mums makeup stash (shh don't tell her!). I've really been liking this powder - it sets my foundation without making everything a bit cakey and adding a bit of natural glow as well. Big fan.

Next up I deal with my eyebrows - I have no patience when it comes to sorting my eyebrows out so I just whack on a bit of the powder from this ELF EYEBROW KIT and vaguely fill them in until I'm happy or just give up on them, whichever comes first!

After that traumatic event I finish off my eyes with mascara - on the weekend if I'm not up to anything exciting I tend to be wearing my glasses so I really can't face trying to put eyeshadow on without my contact lenses (my eyesight is literally terrible without my glasses/lenses!) so I just whack on some mascara. For everyday lashes I plump for BENEFIT THEY'RE REAL - no complaints here but for ultimate lashes (that end up touching my glasses!) BENEFIT ROLLERLASH is incredible!

Finally if I'm feeling fancy I'll slick on a bit of the CLARINS INSTANT LIGHT NATURAL LIP PERFECTOR in 07 Toffee Pink, the perfect lip product to look make your lips look all cute and glossy but not left feeling sticky. Although, let's face it - more often than not I slap on a bit of an EOS lip balm - it's the weekend after all!

What're your go-to products for the weekend? Let me know, I'm always on the lookout for new products to add to my makeup stash!