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Insta-Lately // February 2016

It's practically the end of the month (how flippin' fast has February gone?! Considering it's only a day or so shorter than every other month it always seems to fly by!) so that means it's time for a post rounding up what I've been posting over on instagram (I'm @belsmay13 over there if you fancy following along!).

I love a good burger. The more american-ised the better in my book! Mum & I recently tried out Five Guys for the first time and I loved it! Mum wasn't so keen on the food (too greasy for her and not as 'clean or fresh as Shake Shack is!) but she did enjoy playing around with the drink machine - the millions (okay not millions but there was a really big choice!) of drink varieties on offer was crazy!

I've been gravitating towards the same makeup products for the last few weeks - I've found it to be the perfect compromise between being easy to throw on whilst still looking put together but not feeling all 'made up'!

Plus I wrote a post about it here

I love a good pj day - and grey pjs are my obsession, I'm amassing quite the collection - it's becoming a problem! 

Mum, Nam and I went to the cinema (something I haven't done in ages! It's the perfect way to spend a raining afternoon!) to see the Dad's Army movie - which we all loved! I've loved watching Dad's Army from when I was a child and I was a smidge worried about the adaptation, if it would stay true to the characters and the humour. Thankfully it did! I've never seen such perfect casting in a film - the actors played the characters (and the actors in the tv series!) perfectly! Definitely worth a watch on the next rainy day we have!

Mum, Nam and I (again! We spent a lot of time together whilst I was off work on a week of annual leave!) spent just 24 short hours in London at the start of the month! We packed tonnes of activities in (lots of shopping, a trip to the theatre, breakfast at fortnum's and loads more!) and we had such a laugh! We may or may not be planning our next trip already!

Pssst I shared what we got up to in a whole post of its own here

I had a tough time choosing my Valentine's mani - I'm rarely gravitate towards pink/red polishes (I'm way more of a blue/grey girl!) but I was really feeling in the festive spirit this Valentine's Day!

 I spent Valentine's Day albeit Valentines-less but I had these Godiva chocolate covered strawberries to console me so I managed to struggle through :P

I stumbled across the cutest homeware shop Lily Rose Co. so made a sneaky order - how gorgeous is this print? I mean - my monogram, marble and copper?! How much more of a blogger cliche could I be - I love it!

Plus (last sneaky plug of my own posts, I promise!) they offer a homeware subscription box that I really think is pretty darn awesome, check out the post here

I decided to try out a new hair care brand this month - the curly offerings from Umberto Giannini. It's always a risk straying from my tried and tested products (John Freida fyi) but I'm really loving how these new products have left my hair - keeping my corkscrew curls but still managing to relax my crazy curls enough to retain some length!

To finish of the month we all took a trip to the theatre (again! Lucky me!) to see a Frankie Valli-type show - it was so much fun! Plus going out with my mum, nan and grandad was so lovely, I treasure those times.

So that was February! It was a good 'un!