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Favourites // February 2016

So February is practically over already - how did this happen?! 

Most of this past month has been taken up with working but I did manage to fit in a sneaky 24 hours in London during a week of annual leave I had taken. Plus, it was my nan's birthday so we set up a lovely champagne afternoon tea - check out this tweet to have a nosey! Aside from those two exciting things, my February was pretty uneventful - but still very agreeable none the less! Oh yeah, the only other notable thing that happened this month was that I finally got all caught up with NCIS - I've been binge-watching the show for the last few months and I've officially finished with the whole 12 seasons! There's now a huge hole in my netflix watching so any suggestions for new series to take up my time would be much appreciated!

Anyway, onto my favourite bits and pieces for the last month!

MONOGRAM PRINT // I picked up this print from Lily Rose Co. - I couldn't resist it: copper, marble and my monogram? I was sold! Never mind how much of a blogger cliche it may be! I can't wait to hang it on my wall - but then again maybe it'll need a few more prints to balance it out? To etsy I go!..

NOVEMBER 9 BY COLLEEN HOOVER // I read this book on the train on the way to and from London and oh wow, I haven't read a book that made me feel like this in a while! The premise is basically these two people meet one November 9th and then again on that day for subsequent years but with no contact in between - how they grow as people in the meantime is just fascinating to read. Plus they're a pairing that had me rooting for them from the very beginning - they *had* to end up together! But then a plot twist left me reeling and questioning if they should be together at all - oh wow, such a powerful read that I'm doing such a poor job of explaining! All of the feels! This book had me hooked from the very beginning but then the twists and turns along the way just made me even more hooked - seriously this book is definitely worth a read. I will definitely be finding some other books of Colleen Hoover's to read, I love her writing style!

UMBERTO GIANNINI 'CURL FRIENDS' // My insanely curly hair is quite temperamental so changing up my hair care products can be quite the ordeal. I went out on a limb and gave the shampoo and conditioner from this range a go and I love how it has made my hair feel! My hair feels super soft but still crazy curly whilst managing to not be frizzy (the bane of any curly-haired persons life!). I really love this range and I'm s so glad that I gave it a chance!

PINK NAILS // Normally my nails are exclusively nude (for work) or blue (when I'm at home!). I never usually reach for pink to paint my nails with! However, this month I got a little obsessed with this Maybelline gel-ish offering in 'Pink in the Park' - I was loving the pastel creamy colour! For work this colour is a bit too much seeing as it's so opaque for a pastel so I've been wearing Barry M's new 'Mani Mask' polish instead - it's kind of an odd shade, a semi-matte very natural nail colour - perfect for being inconspicuous at work!

GALAXY GOLDEN EGGS // Easter always has the best chocolate - usually it's mini eggs (what is it about them that's so darn addictive?!) and malteaser bunnies but this year these little golden eggs have completely taken over! They're so good! The perfect sweet treat - caramel-y but a little crunch-y and galaxy chocolate is always a winner! Pro tip: put them in the fridge and they're even more incredible!

24 HOURS IN LONDON // something non-tangible as my last favourite is my London trip - it was jam-packed full of awesome fun, I can't wait to go back already! Have a read of this post to see everything we got up to!

That was pretty short and sweet for a favourites of mine so well done me! That was my February and all of my favourites from it - what've you been loving this past month?