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24 Hours in London

Don't get me wrong, I adore living in the countryside but every so often I feel the call of city life. So when that happens I book myself a little trip to London (usually dragging my mum along with me!). 

I was feeling like this a couple of weeks ago, so I decided to book a quick trip to the big smoke but decided to legitimise this trip by making it somewhat of a girly shopping trip for my nan's birthday. 

Mum, Nan and I spent just one day in the capital but we managed to pack a whole lot in, so what better post for for this week? Sharing what we got up to during our 24 hours in London.

We hopped off the train, deposited our cases in our hotel room and strolled across to Covent Garden. This is our  favourite part of London - amazing shopping combined with the quaintness of the arches and cobbles of Covent Garden! 

Our first stop, as per usual, was lunch at Shake Shack - it was delicious, of course! Nam loved the atmosphere of Covent Garden - and was quite partial to a Shackburger - something that I'd never thought I'd see! 

We did a little shopping around Covent Garden: picked up some macarons from Laduree and some chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva as snack for that evening. We visited Kate Spade (some many cute things were almost purchased - I'm regretting now not buying a knot bangle I had my eye on!), nearly bought all of the stationery at Kikki K and had an amazing shopping experience in Jo Malone. I bought Nan some Jo Malone bath bits and pieces for Christmas last year and she loved the scent so much (Lime, Basil & Mandarin by the way!) that she wanted to purchase the perfume for herself! The shop assistants in there were so friendly and helpful - it was lovely!

We decided to walk through to Wholefoods to pick up supplies for our hotel room picnic that we decided to have that evening. Of course, on the way we had to pop into some other shops that we passed - well it would've been rude not to! Oh hello Anthro, J Crew & Zara Home!

After a lovely afternoon wandering around and shopping we rushed back to the hotel for a quick outfit change and freshen up ready for an evening at the theatre!

Nan was desperate to see China Town so we walked that way to The Queens Theatre. It was so much fun to see how excited she was at all of the Chinese New Year decorations!

We got to the theatre a little early to pick up our tickets so there was just enough time for some bubbles to celebrate Nan's birthday a smidge early! Also we discovered that a half bottle of champers fits perfectly in the pocket of a Barbour jacket :P.

Mum and I saw Les Mis last time we were in London (by the way you can see what we got up to on the slightly longer trip last year, here) - it's my favourite musical and of course it didn't disappoint this time around! Plus we were desperate for Nan to see it whilst Carrie was still playing Eponine. Carrie is the embodiment of Eponine - I've never seen a person more in character in my life, when she was on stage - she was Eponine! Nan was reduced to a sobbing wreck by the end of the first act! And we were all crying at the end! 

After getting slightly lost on the way back to our hotel - we were all a bit too excited and chatting about the incredible show! We tucked into a delicious midnight feast - we do love a good hotel picnic!

We woke up bright and early the next day, sipping tea in crisp white bed sheets re-living every amazing moment of seeing Les Mis the night before!

We couldn't linger in bed for long though - we had breakfast reservations at Fortnum & Mason's to make so we headed out for a walk through the London Streets - stopping every so often to peek into a cute little deli we passed, or to ooh and aah at a pretty window display!

Whilst we were a little disappointed at the re-brand of The Fountain restaurant into the 'hip' 45 Jermyn St bar/restaurant but the food was still delicious (even if they didn't serve the incredible freshly squeezed pineapple juice that I had last time!) and it was well worth the early start just for those eggs!

We willed away the next few hours wandering around Regent Street doing some more shopping, of course a trip to Liberty's had to happen! 

We had to make a pit stop around midday for a little pick-me-up so we decided to try out the Hotel Cafe Royal. Their iced chocolate was life changing and the service was incredible - the staff were so attentive! Next time we'll definitely be going back to try their lobster club sandwiches - they looked stunning!

All too soon it was time to say goodbye to London. We had an amazing trip and felt we really made the most of the time we had there - albeit it was far too short, we all agreed that 24 hours just wasn't enough for us!  

So now I'm snuggled up in bed, munching on some more Godiva chocolate covered strawberries that I couldn't resist picking up to bring home, re-living our trip and already trying to figure out when we can fit in another visit to the city!


I hope that you enjoyed seeing what we got up to in our short but sweet trip to London - what're your favourite things to do when you're in the city? Let me know because I'm always on the look our for recommendations to add to our to-do list for the next time we visit!