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Insta-Lately // January 2016

It's nearing the end of the month (finally! Does anyone else feel like January has gone on for ever?!) so that means it's time for a catch up on what I've been posting over on instagram (I'm @belsmay13 over there if you fancy following along!)

The Boxing Day Sales were very good to me this year - especially the Space N.K sale (oops!), I finally treated myself to this duo of Diptyque candles to share with Mum! I fear that this might be quite detrimental to my bank balance....!

I spent the first day of 2016 catching up on sleep and setting up my new journal. I want to keep up the positivity that I ended 2015 with (see this post) so I thought that this journal would be a nice way to keep a record of the little bits of good that happen each day.

I've been loving using my Erin Condren Life Planner since the start of the year (and I posted about it here!).

I decided to impulse-buy a new lamp for my bedside table (who does that?!) from TK Maxx and I love it! I especially like the rose gold addition to my room, I'd resisted the rose gold trend blogger-cliche trend for ages but I officially give in - all of the rose gold please! Also subtle plug - I posted about my bedside beauty bits the other day - here's the link if you fancy a read!

I started my first early shifts this month and although the 4:30 am starts are every so slightly painful - I've been loving having the afternoons off! Ma, Nam and I decided to make the most of it by going out to lunch at one of our fave country pubs - the truffle and Parmesan chips that they serve are just the tastiest!

PLANNER // GLASSES// PJS (from M&S but currently out of stock - sorry!)

I went all tumblr-esque with this photo and kinda love it! Not going to lie, it was taken approximately 10 minutes after I'd woken up in the afternoon post-night shift because I realised I had no photo for this post

Another impulse buy (oops!) but how could I resist these absolutely stunning trainers? I haven't bought any 'proper' trainers in *ages* but then again, lets face it, there's no way I'm using these for 'proper' exercise!

Another perk of shift work is having days off in the week to compensate for working weekends! Mum and I decided to pop to Birmingham for a midweek shopping trip - which obviously had to start with breakfast at Bill's! All of the heart-eyed emojis over their blueberry pancakes!

Little Prin and I had lots of cuddles to try to deal with the cold!

I've recently started to get back into enjoying Lush baths - I went completely obsessive over them a couple of years ago and think I over-did it a little so have avoided them for a year or so! - but I've recently gotten back into using them! They're so perfect for de-stressing and relaxing!