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Four Fashion Favourites // January 2016

SCARF // TRAINERS // BOOTS // PAJAMAS - from M&S but currently out of stock (sorry!)

Apologies for this really quick post today but I'm determined to keep up with posting twice a week - plus I've just finished the second of my night shifts so I'm decidedly lacking in sleep and creativity (and natural light to take any blog photos!).

Anyway, I thought I'd share four of my fashions bits that I've been loving (and possible over wearing!) over the past few weeks! And who knows, this might turn into a mini-series of sorts!

This black watch tartan scarf was on my Christmas wish list and I've been wearing it non-stop since! I love how it's a mix of blue and black - my winter coat this year is navy so I feel like it really ties my outfits together when I want to wear black jeans with my coat! Plus it's a massive blanket scarf so it keeps me super warm and it's in-part cashmere so it's ridiculously soft - I find myself grabbing each it day!

I think that black ankle boots are a staple in everyones wardrobe but I've only just got my hands on some - my mum bought me these boots for Christmas and I'm not quite sure what shoes I wore before I had them - I've been pulling them on with every outfit! I've even wore them for work (after only one day of breaking them in!) and they didn't rub or hurt at all after 8 hours on my feet in the lab all day! Plus, they've been perfect for the snowy/rainy weather we've been having recently - they're fur lined (all the comfort of the 'normal' UGG boot offerings, but they just look classier and more grown up!) so my toes have been kept roasty toasty! I'll definitely be checking out more of UGGs other shoe offerings in the future!

These marble pjs were another Christmas present (thanks to Vivianna for sharing this find!) - they've been washed and worn pretty much constantly since Christmas! I just love how cute they are (marble is so the blogger cliche after all!) and they are so warm and fleecy! The perfect thing to snuggle up in after a hard shift!

Finally, these are a fashion favourite but I'll admit I've not worn them yet! They're the first pair of 'proper' trainers that I've bought in years but I seriously love them! Again, being a blogging cliche - they're the adidas superstar trainers and they have rose gold (or copper, whichever floats your boat!) toe caps (all of the heart eyed emojis!!) and to be honest I have absolutely no justification for why I bought them. I just loved them at first sight and decided to buy them on a complete impulse in case they sold out (which they haven't by the way so get 'em whilst you still can!)!

Again, apologies for the cobbled together post today - I promise that I'll be back on Wednesday with something of much better planning and quality!