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Favourites // January 2016

It's the end of the month which means it must be time for me to have a little round of this past month.

I feel like January has gone on forever, but equally the actual weeks have gone by so quickly! I'm putting this down to the fact that for most of the month I wasn't entirely sure what day it when I woke up - thanks night shifts! 

January was so good to me - I officially joined the proper shift rota at work - meaning I've gone from just working 9-5 every week day to doing a combination of all sorts of shifts to cover the 24 hour service that the haematology lab provides! The mix of all of the different shifts hasn't been as difficult as I imagined - yes staying up all night for a 12 hour night shift isn't a walk in the park and getting up at 4am for an early shift isn't particularly enjoyable but shifts do mean that I get some time off in the week which I have been loving! 

We've definitely been making the most of this time off in the week - we went out for lunch at our favourite pub (that's always too busy to go to at the weekend!), we took a shopping trip to Birmingham, had brunch at Bill's Restaurant, tried Five Guys for the first time (so good but Shake Shack is still my number one burger place!) and I actually went out to a pub on a Saturday night (yes I'm a recluse normally!)! Check out this post for an insta-round up of what I got up to in January!

Anyway, that's what I got up to in January so now on to what I've been loving...

APPLE WATCH & IPHONE STAND // I was lucky enough to receive an apple watch for Christmas (mine is the 42mm apple watch sport in rose gold with the antique white band fyi) so I wanted something that I could keep both my watch and my iphone together on my bedside table. I had a nosey on the apple store but I wasn't overly impressed with any of their offerings so I turned to ebay and found this fab modern/simple stand that holds both my iphone and watch and can charge them both (a game changer!). Plus for under £15 it's such a steal!

ERIN CONDREN LIFE PLANNER // I've been banging on about my planning and my ECLP on here (and every other form of social media - sorry!) all month so of course it had to make it into my favourites! I'm so happy that I splurged and purchased an ECLP for my planner for 2016 - I love how my weekly spreads turn out in it plus, I find the vertical style of planning to be right up my street - I love how I can section off the things I need to do - I've been feeling much more organised - and it looks super cute :P

NETFLIX: PLL & SHADOWHUNTERS // Netflix is obviously a favourite for every month (that goes without saying!) but this month there has been two shows that I've been looking forward to watching each week - PLL and Shadowhunters. PLL is an obvious obsession (although I'm not sold on this whole #fiveyearsforward thing as of yet - it seems a tab repetitive to me at the moment but we shall see!) and Shadowhunters is a show that I'm actually quite impressed with - I loved The Mortal Instruments Series but hated the film (awful!) so I didn't have much hope for the TV show but I've been pleasantly surprised - I'm really enjoying it! 

GIRAFFE RING HOLDER // Another Christmas gift that I've been particularly loving (my family know me so well!) - I've started wearing and collecting rings more in the past year (I resisted the Pandora stacking ring trend for so long but I finally caved!) and I love that I can stack my rings on this and know exactly where they are and so easy for my to grab and wear. Plus, this little giraffe is so cute!

FRENDS LAYLA HEADPHONES // I'm such a blogger cliche with these! But at least I went for the oil slick caps! I love how these are a little bit different that the rose gold/white ones that everyone and their mother has (not that I don't have my eye on the rose gold caps - I do!) - plus I'm less scared of staining them with my foundation seeing as the leather is black! Aside from looking so pretty - they are really good headphones! I had the Beats ones before I always found them a bit too chunky and they ended up hurting my ears after a little while - but these ones are so much lighter and don't hurt at all! 

BEAUTY BITS // There are three beauty products that I've been obsessed with all month long - all cult products that have been talked about approximately a million times before on everyones beauty blogs but hey - I like them so I'm gonna mention them too! 
These two products are my first dabble into Charlotte Tilbury products (and oh dear my bank balance isn't going to be happy with this discovery!) - the Magic Foundation is fab (foundations are my make up hoarder products - I just can't get enough!), great coverage and it's so light and skin-like - super easy to wear all day (the only downside is how yellow-toned it is - my skin has pink undertones so this foundation isn't the most natural looking one for me but it works still and I still love it!). The second CT product is the Lip Cheat in (I bet you can guess the shade...!) Pillowtalk - this shade really is the perfect nude lip liner - I'm now potentially a lip liner advocate thanks to this product! 
I finally caved and bought a Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfecter (not sure why it has the longest name ever!) - mine is in the newer shade of 07 Toffee Pink. I've never been a glossy girl (in any meaning not just lip product related!) but these are just the right balance of looking glossy but not feeling all gross and sticky - I like how moisturised they keep my lips - plus super easy to throw on and I don't have to worry about it fading or smudging throughout the day!

Honourable mention to a non-tangible favourite - this little blog! I've managed to keep up with posting a lot more regularly so far this year (high five for me for twice a week posting!). It's really been paying off and my posts from this year have all managed to get more views than any of my posts from last year! Aside from the stats (because they really aren't the be all and end all to me - no pressure blogging is the way to go for me!) - I've really been loving re-discovering this hobby, it has been so much fun!

Phew that was a super long post - points to you for getting to the end! Lemme know what you've been loving this past month!