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December Favourites

I think that December just *might* have been one of my favourite month of 2015. It started off with a fun-filled week off that really got me in the festive spirit, followed by a few weeks of work (nothing too eventful, it felt nice to be feeling like I've started to hit my stride in work!) and then finally a fabulous Christmas one of the best since I was little I think!

December was filled with a trip to the Christmas markets in Birmingham, a visit to our favourite Christmas decor grotto, many afternoons watching Christmas films and lots of evenings spent snuggled up next to the Christmas tree sipping hot chocolate.

In terms of work it was a busy month. It was a busy time working to try and get completely signed off ready for my night shifts at the end of the month! I managed it with a couple of weeks to spare! This year was the first Christmas that I had to work - I was on the Boxing Day early (that 6am start wasn't my favourite!) and then my first couple of night shifts were during the week in between Christmas and New Year. They both, thankfully, went okay! Although it has been a little difficult getting used to working all night and sleeping all day to then try and get back into a 'normal' sleeping pattern!

This month's favourites are going to be short and sweet - my favourites for December were less tangible and more experience-like instead. But nevertheless, 

I decided to do something a little different in the way that I used my planner in December - I gave weekly themes a go! For each week of December I used a different themed weekly set and I loved the creativity it gave me - it made my planner look really festive! If you want to see my December spreads (and other planner-related pictures) then check out my planner insta @belsmay13plans

I treated myself to some new glasses in December. I wear my contacts for most of the week so I've not bought myself new glasses for almost 3 years! I was torn between Ray-Bans or some Tiffany glasses. I went with Tiffany ones because I just loved the slightly more feminine shape compared to the Ray-Bans. I love them! I've been wearing my glasses so much more since getting my new ones!

My mum went on holiday and brought me back these Milka and Oreo bites and oh my goodness they are delicious! I've been rationing them because they're my new favourite sweet treat and they're only a seasonal offering! Why are the best sweets always the ones that are only available seasonally?!

A new season brings with it the burn of a new candle in the world of Belle, and this seasons choice has been Maghony Balsam from Bath & Body Works. Oh wow - in my mind this candle smells like a deliciously rugged man who has recently chopped down a Christmas Tree for me. But then again I do have quite the vivid imagination. According to B&BW Mahogany Balsam smells like "walk through holiday woods with the aromatic fragrance of fresh green balsam, juniper berries and rich mahogany". I was close :P

My final favourite for December was the books I read. I decided to read only festive novels and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I managed to read 8 books in December (I'm impressed with that!) - The Night Before Christmas (Scarlett Bailey), Fairytale of New York (Miranda Dickinson), Bella's Christmas Bake Off (Sue Watson), Santa Maybe (Scarlett Bailey), One Wish In Manhattan (Mandy Baggot), Never Kiss a Man In a Christmas Jumper (Debbie Johnson), A Very Country Christmas (Zara Stoneley) & Dream a Little Christmas Dream (Giovanna Fletcher). All of these are really fun festive easy-reads - definitely ones to put on your reading list for December next year!

I think that my December favourites should have an honourable mention of this little blog - following the creating of my gift guides for December I really fell back in love with blogging and I managed to post more in December than I had done in any other months this year! Well done me!

So that was my December - I definitely ended the year on a good month!