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Currently // 13-1

I do love these sneaky mid-week posts! 

Today's post is just a quickie (oo-err!) to share what I'm loving at the moment!

Eating // pineapple ice lollies - they're unsweetened so are fun way to incorporate a piece of fruit into my day. Yep, I am aware that it's the middle of winter, but I crave frozen treats whatever the weather!

Drinking // diet coke. As per.

Watching // well re-watching - The Abominable Bride aka the latest Sherlock episode. I watched it when it was first aired (obviously!) but I've had to re-watch it because it left me so confused (in the best way!)

Listening // Elvis Presley - specifically the latest album featuring his voice along with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. All of the songs on there are breathtaking.

Reading // Winter by Marissa Meyer. Well I'm cheating a bit with this one because I've just finished this book (the final instalment of The Lunar Chronicles series) and it was amazing! I couldn't have hoped for a better end to such an original series!

Planning // a trip to London next month! I'm thinking a trip to Fortnum's for breakfast, a showing of Les Mis and of course lots of shopping! side note: here's what we got up to last time we went to the city!

Obsessing // over my new bedside light! I picked it up in TK Maxx as a complete impulse buy for such a steal!

Smelling // the Baies candle offering from Diptyque - this is my first Diptyque candle and I'm so hesitant to burn it! I've managed to take it out the packaging at least and the scent is permeating through my room - it smells so good!

Wearing // I'm all snuggled up in my new dressing gown from The White Company - it's the most comfiest dressing gown ever!

Wanting // these ridiculously cute rose gold capped white trainers - all of the heart eyed emojis, I don't even care how trendy they are!

Feeling // quite proud of myself that I've managed my few early shifts this week - whilst the 4:30am wake ups are less than fun, I'm loving being finished for the day a 2pm!