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Bedside Beauty

lamp TK Maxx (I love this one too!) // headphones // glasses Tiffany & Co. // eye mask // apple watch (sport 42mm in rose gold) // apple watch & iphone stand // candle // dish

Just before bed each night there's a certain selection of beauty stuffs that I reach for. I recently collated all of those products into this super cute marble (of course!) dish from H&M last summer (originally just for a blog photo prop, not gonna lie! - which unfortunately I can't find the link for anymore!) and plonked on by bedside table because, quite frankly, I was sick of getting out of bed approximately a million times before bed to get each thing from out of my vanity. First world problems indeed! This way my nightly beauty stash is all within easy reach and I don't have to leave my cozy duvet cave - win!

Anyway, the products that have made it into this little dish are the beauty bits that I reach for every single evening so I figured that they must be worth a mention on the ol' blog, right?!

THIS WORKS SLEEP BALM // This is reserved for nights when I'm feeling really quite stressed (those sunday scaries get me every week!) and a little of this balm rubbed onto my wrists and temples seems to really help me sleep. Whether that's just a placebo effect I'm not sure, but it helps me feel less stressed so I'm happy whether or not!

VINE-VERA CUTICLE OIL // (while I've heard incredibly sketchy things about their skincare offerings ....) I received their manicure set for Christmas and oh wow - my nails have never been this strong and flake-free (it's incredible!). I've been making sure to soak my nails in their cuticle oil religiously because I've been so impressed with the results!

ELEMIS EYE TREATMENT // I'm really bad at using eye cream every single night (is it just me who's rubbish at this skincare step?!) but every so often the skin underneath my eyes gets really cracked and sore and this stuff is great at sorting it out. I do have my eye on (pun intended!) the avocado creamy eye treatment because I've heard great things about it!

THIS WORKS DEEP SLEEP PILLOW SPRAY // This complete luxury (and potentially unnecessary) product has been part of my pre-bed routine for the last few months. I find that if I spray this on my pillows about 15 mins before I want to go to sleep, around the same time that I switch off my electricals and pick up my book and I've found that I fall asleep so much quicker and sleep more soundly. 

CLARINS HAND AND NAIL TREATMENT CREAM // My favourite hand cream by far! It leaves my hands really moisturized but without being all greasy and covering my phone in oil when I inevitably do my last instagram/facebook/twitter check of the night.

NU NALE NAIL STRENGTHENING CREAM // This cream is so cheap (a bargain at just under £4!) but it does wonders for strengthening my nails. In conjunction with the cuticle oil - my nails have never been in better condition!

THIS WORKS DEEP SLEEP STRESS LESS // okay I didn't realise how much I relied on This Works and their sleep range until I wrote this post! Anyway, this rollerball is only on my bedside table so that I don't end up losing it because it is my absolute saviour when I going on aeroplanes. I'm such a bad flier, it's awful and so embarrassing, I get myself so worked up and stressed but I find that using this rollerball helps me to pretend that I'm not on a plane and I'm at home in bed instead - seeing as it's the same scent as the pillow spray - much less scary! Thanks to Lily Pebbles for this tip because it's honestly the only thing that makes flying more bearable for me!

NIVEA LIP BUTTER // I have no loyalty when it comes to lip balms, I just picked this one up recently and plonked it in my bedside table beauty dish because it's new! My favourite lip balm of the moment is actually the Dr Lipp nipple balm (vile name but amazing product!) but my mum has stolen it, which reminds me I need to go and hunt it down and return it to my stash!

Oh and a hair bobble - of course!

What're your bedtime beauty must haves? I'm thinking some more skin care bits need to be added...